Whatsapp messenger is a freeware and cross platform messaging and Voice over IP (VOIP) service.This application allows the sending of Text messages,video calls,Audio & Video,documents sharing and live location.The application runs on mobile device by using mobile numbers through cellular data at free of cost.Whatsapp was founded on 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum,both are worked at Yahoo, later Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in Febraury 2014.

A new daily Record of 20 Billion sent messages (INBOUND) and 44 Billion messages received (OUTBOUND),64 BILLION Total messages handled in 24 hours by Whatsapp users on 1st April 2014.Whatsapp works on Android,Windows,iOS and KaiOS for Reliance JIO phone. More than 1Billion people in over 180 countries are using WhatsApp.

Best Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp always provide at its best in feature updation from earlier day to current day,there are many important features regarding security, user experience, productivity in that Best Features of Whatsapp will shown below,before trying this feature first update your Whatsapp messenger.

1.Live Location Sharing

Manage this Feature Option at,

Settings>Account>Privacy>Live Location. 

The Live Location Features allows you to share your real time location for a specific time upto 8 hours,also can stop sharing your live location at anytime.Once stopped or expired the live location sharing is stopped to the shared user.This feature is end-to-end encrypted which means no one can see your live location except the participants you shared,to know more about encryption click here Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption.

You can share a live location to participant of group and a individual chat users by tapping Attach>Location>Share Live Location , allow the permission of location access to whatsapp in your smartphone to access live location and continue,select the duration time to be live,also leave a comment and send.If you send Live location to multiple users or groups you can manage and stop sharing all live locations by going Settings>Account>Privacy>Live Location and select Stop Sharing.

2.Read Receipts

Manage this feature option at,

Settings>Account>Privacy>Read Receipts.

By turning OFF this option you can’t able to see the message read receipts to the user you send, blue tick will not shown only delivered receipts are shown with double tick even if opposite user read’s your message, but in group chat you’l be able to see the read receipts if you turn OFF the Read receipts also.

3.Locked & Saved Voice Recordings

Manage this feature option at,

Chat user>Hold the microphone 2sec.

Now just record your voice messages by holding the microphone for two seconds and you’l see the lock symbol, just swipe up now your recordings going on without holding, after completion of your recordings simply click the Home screen button or press back and come again to chat, you will see your recordings,now simply click on Play button to hear recordings before sending itself.

4.Chat Pining

Manage this feature option at,

In Chats>Holding any Chat>On Top Pin symbol.

If you’r a frequent Whatsapp message receiving user,missed out the important messages from important users or groups,now by using this feature you can Pin the Whatsapp Chat user or groups by long pressing the chat and press the pin symbol on top,now you’r important chat user or groups is pinned at top of the chats even no message comes or any new message comes to other chats,anytime the pinned chat in Top Position only.The user can pin up to 3 users and groups maximum.

5.GDPR Report

Manage this feature option at,

Settings>Account>Request account info.

Request Account Info feature that allows you to download and export your settings and account information like registration date, mobile number, profile photo, last changed, number of groups, contacts, and more,don’t worry the messages are not exported in reports.

To Request your report go to Settings>Account>Request account info>Request report.

6.Whatsapp Broadcast

Manage this feature option at,

Main chats screen>Menu 3Dots>New Broadcast

All users are well known about Whatsapp groups,i think 50% of whatsapp users are not known about Whatsapp Broadcast,this feature is same as like groups feature,but in broadcast only the admin can see the group and group participants,the users just receive the message as like normal user sent from the admin,and the user can’t able to see the group participants,and the group participants are not link to eachother using Broadcast Groups, because when an admin sent a messages from broadcast group,the message send to each participants individually automatically,it is more safe to join the broadcast groups because your Whatsapp number is more privacy,not able view by other participants except the admin,you have to share the number to admin only.The Admin can add upto 256 participants in Broadcast groups.

7.Starred Messages

Manage this feature option at,

Main Chat>Menu>Starred Messages.

Now you can get any sent and received messages after very long time also if you starred that message,by using the Starred Messages Feature.To use this feature simply go to any chat and long press the message you need to star and by holding you get the star symbol in top of the screen,simply press that,and your messages get starred by the side,you can manage this messages at Chats>Menu>Starred Messages.

8.Group Settings

Manage this feature option at,

Group chat>Group info>Group settings.

Restrict Group features that maintain privacy of groups that means participants not able to change logo and Group name without Admin permission,also only the admin can see this option called Group Settings in group info,in that settings you can manage Edit Group Info and Group Admins and send messages option that disable participants to send messages to that group other than group admins.

9.Text Formatting

In whatsapp you can also formatting the text you’r sending by

  • To ‘Bold’ your messages simpy place ‘asterisk’ on both sides of text,as like below,


  • To ‘strikethrough’ your message simply place ’tilde’ on both sides of your text,as like below.,


  • To ‘italicize’ your message simply place ‘underscore’ on both sides of your text,as like below,


  •  To ‘Monospace’ your message simply place three ‘backticks’ on both sides of your text,as like below,


Also alternatively you can use the option in whatsapp by holding select text you need formatting after you’l see three dots in menu,click and select the format you need.

10.Dismiss as Admin

Manage this feature option at,

Group chat>Group info>Select admin participant>dismiss as admin

In whatsapp earlierly anyone can remove group admin,even if they is group creator,now a creator can use the dismiss as admin feature to remove the admin power of other participants,but never other admin participants can remove the Orginal Admin creator of Group.

11.Email Chat

Manage this feature option at,

Chatuser>3 dots menu>More>Email chat

Using this feature you can mail the entire chat history including media content.The mail you received is separeted with photos , videos, and chats in single file text format that showing all chats history with date and timings.

12.Redownload Deleted Media

Media files you recieved via Whatsapp is deleted from the Whatsapp server after you download,incase you deleted media file in storage device means you cant able to redownload,now Whatsapp changes its behaviour as if you accidently deleted the media that saved in your device storage (sdcard/whatsapp/media) also you can redownload the file again from the Chats in Whatsapp.

Note:Only media deleted in Gallery can redownloaded,deleted in whatsapp itself is can’t able to download anymore.

13.Two-Step Verification

Manage this feature option at,

Settings>Account>Two step verification

Two Step Verification is an additional feature by Whatsapp to add more security to your account.By enabling this feature,when you or some one try to access your account again,must be accompanied by the Six digit PIN that your created by using this feature initially.To know more detailed about this feature click here Two Step Verification.

14.Change Number Feature

Manage this feature option at,

Settings>Account>Change number

This feature is introduced in privacy terms for users who needs to change their old whatsapp number,this feature hide the change number notification to user contacts,also an user can select the custom contacts to get notified about change number,but eventhough all these selection also your changed number is get notified in your currently active groups.

15.Media Visibility

Manage this feature option at,

Settings>Data & storage>Media visibility

Media Visibility that makes the media files sent in whatsapp to be visible in gallery or not based on user options,the user can modify this option in Settings > Data & Storage > MediaVisibility.

By modifying this option the media sent via Whatsapp are not visible in your gallery and not able to seen by anyone,unless you change the settings.Based on user privacy whatsapp initiated this feature.

16.Add to Contact Shortcut

Manage this feature option at,

New message>Add to Contact

In order to sent a new whatsapp message to a new contact,the user need to first save the number from their default dialer and to refresh the whatsapp to select the contact,or else if you already received message from unknown number (Not saved in Contacts) you can save the number from option ‘Add to Contacts‘ otherwise the user need to follow the first option only.

while you click on new message option,by clicking on new contact shortcut the user can directly save the new whatsapp numbers and send messages instantly.

17.Add Group Description

Manage this feature option at,

Group Chat>Group Info>Add group description

Using this feature you can describe some words about the Group Content,also this description is shown while inviting the person to group,this feature can also access by group participants under group admin controls.

18.Whatsapp Search Option

Manage this feature option at,

Main chat>Search icon at top

Using this search option is not only for contacts name search,also to find message content you send,simply search with some keyword of messages you post earlierly,whatsapp search result will show all messages upto date that matches your keyword.

19.Reply Privately

This feature is works on WhatsApp groups only and this feature help the user to reply for the message received in the group privately to the participants by just holding on the chat message and tap on menu at the top right (Three dots) and select Reply Privately option after that WhatsApp automatically insert that particular message in the private chat of the participants.

This Reply Privately feature works even if the group settings of send messages by admin is turned On and it works for older messages you received earlier and also, for the group that is closed.

20.Swipe to Reply

Currently in whatsapp you can reply to user during chatting by just holding the chat and start typing in text editor, it automatically attach the chat for reply, also you can hold the chat and press the (i) button in the top to reply the chat user.

Now with the update of Swipe to reply feature it allows to reply a message using gesture, these same feature is implemented years ago in Whatsapp for iOS. if you swipe a message to want to reply, using gesture option whatsapp automatically loads the reply message in context to save extra time, see video reference.

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