In software development beta testing is second phase of software testing, that means for testing purpose developers will give a testing version to users through beta program, the total number of users are planned initially for beta program, for example if 50 users allowed means  first 50 users can join the beta program and they share the experience of the new beta project to the community created by the developers.

The developers create a community website, any beta users can share their experience & bugs in the project to community forums to develop the program. These beta program has been conducted by all top companies like,

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Operating system companies.
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp 

Not only these companies, like that more companies release their final updated version to their limited users to test their project bugs & get known how it will works, after the confirmation only they start their productivity, then only they launch the project officially to all users.

Android Applications Beta Program

After a feedback from beta tester, app developers officially launch the applications to all users via Google Play Store. You can see the beta program option in every application if they conducted beta program, once you joined the application you are using is notified with ‘Beta’.

How to Join

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Goto my apps & games,
  • Select any application & scroll down to footer, to check if Beta program is availabe or not.
  • If it available tap I’m in > Join
  • Now confirm the joining process by clicking on ‘Join’.
  • That’s it, if update ask, go for update.
  • Sometimes application beta program full means, you have to wait.

How to Leave

In Playstore open the beta application and scroll down to the page end, now find the option ‘Leave’ in the beta tester menu & leave from the beta application.

Using beta application installed, user can experience the application update earlier than non-beta users, the beta application may create bugs when the applications is upgraded some time also, chance for having issues in user experience but user should accept these conditions before joining the beta application or if the user needs a perfect version they need to go for stable version.