The latest Android version Android Q has been announced earlier at Google I/O19. The Android Q has few intresting features to the current technology smartphones. Also, in Android Q privacy has been cared more importantly bringing the close focused privacy control for users. The Android Q this brings in 3 ways Innovation, Security & Privacy & Digital Welbeing with improved features. 

Highlights of Android Q

  • Dark Theme
  • Foldables
  • Live Caption
  • Smart Reply
  • 5G
  • New Location Controls
  • Focus Mode

Android Q Features

Android has been active in more than 2.5 Billion devices and its been improving it features & Security every year. As like Android Q has brings the new innovation, privacy & security and digital wellbeing. In innovation Android brings the Foldables features for foldable smartphones, 5G technology, Live Caption for videos, Smart Reply while typing messages & Dark theme feature.




Theis feature specially for foldable smartphones going to be launched by multiple OEM’s by this year and all will be running with Android OS. The Foldables feature has completely new display technology, great for multi-tasking, maximize the screen, literally blends from phones to tablets size screens. Maximize what’s possible on screens, Screen continuity feature which seamlessly transfer from smaller screens to larger screens without any distraction.


Apps especially Games can get rich immersive experience with 5G connected phones. Then, Android Q supports 5G nearly this year with 20+ carriers. Then On-device machine learning Android Q brings the new features,

  1. Live Caption: Live caption appear in real time videos. You can move & drag the caption without internet. A huge breakthrough in speech recognition earlier this year. It required streaming audio to cloud in 2GB modem for processing. Live speech module on the device with user privacy. It works in all the apps & web content too.
  2. Smart Reply: Using the same on device machine learning. With smart reply they predict what you need to text after and even for emoji. It works on all messaging apps on Android. Now Smart reply can also suggest the actions like maps, web link. All these for saving time. The On-device learning makes this without user inputs and its also, protects privacy.
  3. Dark Theme: Launching on Android Q, it can be activated in Quick dial or in battery saver. It gives you a dark gray background which makes good for readability. Also, due to the blue light dismiss battery can be saved lot more on using the dark theme.

Security & Privacy

First of all in Privacy need to control what we need to share & Who. In Google security & privacy is always in huge protection in all Android version. Android has Google Play protect scans 50 Billion apps per day. In Gartner 2019 security report Android scored gets the highest rating in 26 of 30. In Android Q almost 50 features there for Security & Privacy which gives Protection, transparency & controls.

Privacy settings

In Android Q has new privacy control at one area under settings/ Privacy.

  1. Activity Controls.
  2. Location history.
  3. Ad settings.

All these settings can be controlled by yourself, whether it should be off or on. In Android Q there is an interesting feature with Location History. Now you can control the location sharing for Apps. With the help of Reminders for location usage feature you can easily turn off the location after, the particular task finished by application.

New Location Controls

Also, there is another handy feature which helps to control your location sharing. Now, there is an additional option when app asking for access to device location. The new control option “Allow only while using the app” option your location will be turned off automatically after the task completed by application. This feature controls the device location in always ON condition. It also, saves the battery power.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital wellbeing tool has been introduced in last year with Android Pie OS. Which helped app usage limits by setting app timers. In addition, this year Android Q has brings the Focus mode. The focus mode featured to help you focus without any distraction. You can just select the apps which distracts you like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. and silence them until come out from focus mode. On silent the apps, you’ll not be notified on selected applications.

And to help parents to make their children with better balance in technology introduced the Family link in every Android devices from Android Q. The Family link is a tool for parents to create and supervise the Google accounts of their kids. Family link as been accessible under Digital wellbeing & Parental controls in device settings. Using family link parents can set the app limit, screen limit timing to their child device. Once app limit reaches app stop working and it can be used on next day. Also, if the child request much more time to use the device, parents can soon give the bonus screen time to kids device from their own device itself. Using Family link parents can manage contents kids see online and total amount of time spent on device. These feature will roll out in upcoming months in Android Q.

Android Q Beta

The above features will be available in Android Q beta 3 version. The Android Q beta compatible for 21 devices from 13 brands. Android Q brings more new features to android devices from new gesture navigation to dark theme, 5G, optimization for foldables smartphones, new privacy control methods. Experience the Android Q in beta version, for the compatible devices.