Android just made an announcement that Android Q name is officially to be called as Android 10 Globally. Finally, no more desserts name used in Android Q as like previous versions. Similarly, after 11 years the Android logo has been changed and it officially started using in coming weeks with the final version of Android 10.

Android Q name

Android Operating system is the globally used in various devices like mobiles, watches, tablets, cars, TVs and more with 2.5-billion active users. This time Android has built for everyone by first changing its name therefore, the next release Android version will be simply called as version number as Android 10.

Starting from the scratch Android used internal codes while developing based on tasty foods or desserts names. It will also, used externally and it will became a fun part & more popular in some areas. Since it is a global operating system the desserts name used will not able to understand in some part of countries. 

For instance, the L & Q version are not able to spoken in some languages. So, when some people heard about Android Lollipop it was not able to understand after that, it will be referred as next version of Kitkat. Similarly, it’s even harder for new users and also, most of the users still not aware about the desserts name used in the Android versions.

Therefore, in order to clear & create a common name which need to be known for everyone this time Android Q name will be simply used the version number. So, finally, it will be called as Android 10. 

Android Logo

Meanwhile, in 2014 Android logo has been updated after that, now 11 years after Android logo upgraded by changing the brand color tone, modern, simple & accessible look for everyone.

The logo has designed and inspired by the Android heart so-called android robot. The current logo used the robot head part in the special place as a symbol of Android. Similarly, the logo name color has been changed from green to black and made few customization in the name by cutting the name edges with soft semi-rounded corners.

Finally, the Android logo will be updated officially in coming weeks along with the final version of Android Q aka Android 10. So, the Android 10 final version will release soon as expected with Google Pixel devices.