Google started testing its next version of Android operating system named as AndroidQ momentarily and later may be so-called with any other desert name. Then now currently started testing in beta version through Google Pixel 1, 1XL, 2, 2XL and 3, 3XL devices. The first version of Beta1 has been started rolling out through OTA update for pixel devices from 13th March.

And here we sharing the new features and updates in the latest AndroidQ operating system.

In the current Android Pie version while taking the screen shot it hide the notched area on the display and capture the screen as normal while in the AndroidQ the screenshot picture has comes with Notch design and rounded corner at all four sides.

Then the AndroidQ has brings the screen recording feature natively this will enhance the experience for stock android users and we are excited for more new features then, what you guys are thinking about this feature and comment the feature you most wished to be rolled out in AndroidQ update.