AI means Artificial Inteligence it is the creation of intelligent machines that works and react like humans by learning in day by day. AI is the simulation of repeated human process by machines and computer systems and also processors.This process include Learning, Reasoning, and Self correction by Machine itself.

AI was coined by John McCarthy an American Computer scientist,in 1956.Today it is an umbrella term for everything from Robotic process automation to Actual Robotics.AI can perform task such as identifying patterns in data more efficiently than humans.

We are not an machine to store large amount of data in our memory, artificial intelligence can monitor all transactions in real time efficiently that we can agree that no human beings can do in the world.Machines don’t have feelings but they save the data from the past experiences day by day and store all events, data and use that knowledge for better predict in future.

Artificial intelligence is the specific area of computer that able to create machines not only to work and sense also act and react like human beings.Some of the activities of Artificial intelligence are,

  • Speech Recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Knowledging
  • Reasoning 
  • Problem solving

There are two types of Artificial intelligence, 

  • Week AI
  • Strong AI

Week AI

The week AI is like an narrow AI,that these type of AI can do only specific pattern of work that initially programmed with the rules, and it not go beyond the rules anytime. A Best example of week artificial intelligence is Apple SIRI,which is best assistant for voise conversation with humans in narrow way,also Robots used in manufacturing process are do very complicated work perfectly and fastly that not able to do by a humans, but they do what they learn from programing,outside they can’t do anything. AI equipped machine learning also learn and  do what they learn from programming.

Strong AI

A Strong AI is an Artificial intelligence that have mental capabilities that function as like human brain, the strong AI is emulating the actions of human brain and also action of human being, including its power of understanding and consciousness.The strong AI is nothing but an Full AI, that a computer can be programmed to actually a human brain.

A best example for Strong AI is shown in the above,Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics in collaboration with AI developers, including Google’s parent company Alphabet. Inc who develops Voice recognition.Sophia was activated on April 19,2015,and she became a  citizen of Saudi Arabia, also she is a first robot became a citizen ship in all over country.

AI Application

Artificial intelligence are using widely in our regular activities itself,as from voice recognised personel assistance to fundamental technologies like suggested searches and Self driving cars, the well known most popular tech giants from different companies that using artificial intelligence are, 

Tesla – Self Driving Cars

Tesla is one of the best car ever made,has developed a First Self-driving cars,that means without a driver using an Artificial Intelligence they started a level wise trying to achieve the Autonomous driving,

Level 1: The level 1 is the most functions are still controlled by driver but specific function like Steering,Acceleration are controlled automatically.

Level2: Multiple function are working together automatically like emergency break and lane centric,but still driver control need if neccessary.

Level3: The driver still neccessary in this level also but not as like previous level,all function works automatically if any Safety critical function like traffic,weather condition needed.

Level4: This is a fully autonomous,level 4 designed to perform in all safety critical function and monitor road way condition through out the trip,but it not convenient to every driving scenario.

Level5: In this level the vehicle performance is equal to a human driver,in every scenario like road dirt condition,traffic and safety critical function.

Apple SIRI – Voice Assistant

Siri initially released on October 14, 2011 ,is a virtual assistant part of Apple’s iOS, macOS.The assistant uses voice queries in natural language to answer questions,make recommendation as per user queries.Siri uses advance machine learning technology by artificial intelligence to function.Siri supports wide range of user commands,including performing phone actions checking basic information,handling device settings,navigation etc..,.

Google – Voice Assistant

As like Apple voise assistant,Google introduced on May 18, 2016 works on android OS, iOS. kaiOS (JIO phone),user can interact with Google assistant by telling ‘OK Google’ to get an information around the internet,changing user settings in device,google maps navigation,schedule events and alarms,Calling and messaging users in contacts and lot more.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is also a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, it is capable of voice interaction, misic playback, making To-do list, setting alarms, streaming podcast, playing audio books,Alexa also control seversal smart devices using Home automation system.The user need to listen the Alexa by a word ECHO.