Asus Max Pro M2 (Unboxing) the recent midrange smartphone from ASUS that comes in three storage configurations like 3 + 32 GB, 4 + 64 GB & 6 + 64 GB memory variant and currently available in Blue & Silver color and Asus this time step up with improvement in processor compared to Max Pro M1 having Snapdragon 660 Processor and works based on Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box and bringing up with Stock Android experience now, let’s check in the article about that how’s the Max Pro M2 performs this time,

Design: 9/10 (Slim-Fit Design)

The Max Pro M2 is built with poly carbonate material through out the device and at the back crafted with 3D Glass effect design with waving reflection, and it has rounded edges in all corners and has glowing finish touch. It has about 8.5mm depth thickness but Asus brilliantly designed as like flagship devices having maximum frame thickness in the Top & Bottom and two sides portion are designed with minimum thickness frame size that feel the smartphone a slim fit design and never thought that it has 5000mAh battery due to its weight is almost 175g holding the smartphone feels more weight less comparable to same budget range smartphones like Honor 8X, Realme U1 & Redmi Note 6 Pro having only 3750mAH, 3500mAH & 4000mAH battery capacity respectively.

Since it is crafted with 3D Glass design at back while carrying the smartphones feels slippery some times and also having fingers impression in the glass back, using the protective case feels comfortable to carry & hold the device but need to compromise the premium feel look that this is the constrains as every user who faces even in the flagship devices with glass design like OnePlus 6T.

Display: 8.5/10 (Best Viewing Angles at any Lightening Condition)

ASUS Max Pro M2 has 6.26-inch FHD+ IPS Display

Max Pro M2 has 6.26 FHD+ IPS display with smaller Notch design and having 19:9 aspect ratio with 2280*1080 screen resolution and having 88% screen to body ratio. The screen is protected with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection that survive for 15 consecutive drops from the distance of 1 meter. But scratches will happen in the device rear panel since it is made of poly carbonate plastic material.

The screen has 88% screen to body ratio with notch design and this device has no option to Show or Hide Notch area and it may experience screen layout issue with some application that won’t support full screen interface. And having rounded corners in all four sides with thin bezel in left & right side and the top & bottom as decent size of bezel area. And the IPS touch screen is all time responsive it frequently wakes up & shutdown as user friendly by double tapping on the screen and the display viewing are good at any angle rotation even in the direct sun light.

It has Adaptive Brightness feature that optimize the brightness percentage accordingly based on the available light and it works perfectly and based on lighting condition we feel the increases & decreases screen brightness slightly but the brightness percentage is remain constant. As like Adaptive brightness has another inbuilt option Adaptive display the wake up the display during notification while the screen is in locked condition. The adaptive display shows the Time & Date with notification received like WhatsApp messages, Calls et., and this device also, has night mode feature that feels cool for eyes to viewing the display even for longer time.

Camera: 7.5/10 (Captures Every Details at any Lighting but Color & Light Optimization Fails in Low Light)

The Max Pro M2 has dual rear camera setup having primary 12MP Sony IMX486 image sensor with F1.8 aperture size and 1.25um pixel size and the secondary 5MP depth sensor and the device has a feature of Phase detection auto focus (PDAF) technology that locks the focus in 0.03 seconds said that company. And it has support video recording in resolution of up to 4K quality with electronic Image stabilization (EIS). The front shooter has 13MP sensor with F2.0 aperture size and 1.12um pixel size. The M2 Pro has LED flash mounted in both front & rear and has a support of HDR, Manual, Portrait, Night and Sports mode. And note that the HDR, Manual & Portrait mode are not supported for front camera. Since this device runs on stock Android so it doesn’t have support for Slow motion & Time lapse video recording.

ASUS downgrade the rear camera specification in M2 compared to M1 but also the rear camera performs well in natural & good lighting condition, the rear camera has 12 + 5MP dual sensor has good shutter speed with maximum aperture size of F/1.8. The 5MP depth sensor gives the good bokeh effect and has clear & smooth around the edges of subject in portrait mode and also, has good details in picture even in 5X digital zoom and we not observe any digital noise in the picture. And the HDR mode in the rear camera is not working as best but not bad also, it captures every details of subject but the subject becomes dark & decrement in saturation while taking photos in direct sunlight.

Dual Rear Camera 12 + 5 MP at F/1.8 F2.2 Aperture

Then moving to front facing camera has 13MP with F/2.0 aperture size captures every detail with natural core and it not over exposure the subject but in more light or direct sunlight condition the subject background will reduce the overall picture quality slightly since it’s not supported for HDR mode in front camera also, it has no support of Portrait mode in front shooter. Same like rear camera the front camera also lacks in saturation slightly that makes the photos like dull & black & white. Also, as like rear camera the front shooter also never makes the photo to digital noise even at 5X digital zoom.

In Low light & no light condition both cameras’ gives good details of subjects without any blur or digital noise but fails in color reproduction while optimizing the picture has like black & white and has less saturation & exposure. In No light condition before capturing photos we observe heavy noise through view finder (Screen) but after capturing we didn’t find any digital noise in picture and ASUS brings best software optimization for producing good details without digital noise even in No light & Low light condition.

The Max Pro M2 has based on stock android so it’s lacks in some optimization of color reproduction to make the photos better, the both cameras actually capture what’s present in subject and if have good lighting condition you feel the experiences of its quality. Asus surely need to come with a update regarding this support in camera department.

Check out the Camera Gallery of ASUS Max Pro M2

Performance: 8/10 (Depends upon User but has Fast, Speed & Smooth Experience)

The Asus Max Pro M2 has powered by snapdragon 660 Octo core processor having kyro 260 CPU cores. Based on processor the snapdragon 660 is a successors & powerful processor and it works efficiently faster and never feels the lags while using the multiple application, playing higher end games or shooting a 4K video recording and the device also keeps cool even at the hard usage. The processor has 4 cores of A53 cluster act as power consumption runs at 1.84 GHz clock speed and another 4 cores of A73 cluster acts as Performance core runs in a clock speed of 1.96 GHz combined with the Adreno 512 GPU for graphics.

And the device is runs based on Android 8.1 Oreo without any customization, so the device has no any external feature implemented since it’s Stock Android you can experience the fast, speed & Smooth while using the Max pro M2 device. Every screen touch on options are more responsive and the application opening are done instantly without any lagging. And all the applications are loaded in single page and accessing of menu & home screen is as fast as user.

AnTuTu Benchmark Score

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU Cores

Based on AnTuTU Benchmark it scores about 114481 and defeated around 31% of users and in terms of CPU & GPU testing the Max Pro M2 performs well by scoring 57782 & 27512 respectively. The overall score lacks due to UX like data processing, data security, Image processing & Use experience. The Max Pro M2 is based on stock Android 8.1 Oreo so it’s lacks in some user experience features in terms of security & privacy, Navigational gestures, instant three finger screen shot, instant split screen mode, sliding down of notification tab to be done on top, some shortcut options are missing in notification tab and other some handy features are missed in stock Android that What we experienced in Custom Android. But it’s capable for all additional features through third party applications.

Being it’s based on Stock Android the Max Pro M2 has full fill few features for better user experiences like instant Google assistant in Home button by pressing & hold to activate and for each time pressing the home button it reminds the Assistant via UI Animation. And double tap on screen to turn ON & OFF the screen, Power button ends the call, having search bar option in settings that is the handiest feature to manage the wished settings options instantly and also, note that this feature is not available in many custom OS related devices and has the option to enable the split screen mode by touch and holding the recent apps button.

The Max Pro M2 comes in three memory variant and the configurations are 3GB + 32GB base variant, 4GB + 64GB & 6GB + 64GB RAM & ROM respectively and the device has a support for dedicated micro SD card that capable of storing the memory of up to 2TB. And also, Google & Asus offering a 100GB free cloud storage in Google drive for 1 year.

Max Pro M2 has Facebook, Instagram & Messenger installed in the device by default and for 4GB + 64GB internal storage we’ll get 53GB of storage and it also, has a support for expandable storage of up to 1TB so storing of your files, installing application & games and downloading of high definition videos are hassle free.

In terms of security Asus brings the two-way security has like all smartphones having rear finger print sensor & facial unlocking through PIN & Password protection. And for further there is no option for privacy protection like App lock, Anti harassment, hidden space etc., But the good thing is it has a Screen pinning option by this you can pin the particular application pinned while you giving smartphones to others. ASUS updated the security patch level for Android on 1st October and they still not updated the latest patch version also, in the launch they told that Max Pro M2 will get the upgrade to Android Pie on January, 2019.

The Face unlock & finger print scanning is working well and the waiting time for face recognition is 5 seconds and for unlocking it take nearly 1 second and for finger print it unlocks in 0.22sec as per our testing. As we observe that the unlocking sounds play quickly as before than the screen turns ON while unlocking the device. And the Max Pro M2 has no infrared lighting method of scanning for face unlock so, the face recognition will not work in low & no light condition.

Battery: 9/10 (A Massive Battery in Weight less Feel)

The Max Pro M2 has 5000mAH non-removable battery and it’s rechargeable through 10 watts adapter and the device is not supported for speed charging it takes almost 3 Hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100% and based on our usage and testing for normal user it long last for minimum 2 days and gives 1.5 days for heavy user like anytime internet usage, playing higher end graphical games or watching movies or videos in YouTube, Netflix etc., Even with massive battery capacity the Max Pro M2 feels light in weight while holding.

The Asus Max Pro M2 is available through Flipkart and comes in the price range of between 13,000 to 17,000 for all three variants, the base variant 3GB +32GB configuration goes for Rs. 12,999 and the 4GB + 64GB for Rs. 14,999 and the last 6GB RAM with 64GB internal storage goes for Rs. 16,999.

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