WhatsApp messenger is a freeware and cross platform messaging and Voice over IP (VOIP) service. This application allows the sending of Text messages, video calls, Audio & Video, documents sharing and live location. The application runs on mobile device by using mobile numbers through cellular data at free of cost. WhatsApp was founded on 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum both are worked at Yahoo. Later WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014.

In the year of 2018 WhatsApp has do a lot of improvements and updates in terms of features, enhancement in user experience and user privacy & security improvement and this article will remind the list of updates made this year by WhatsApp messenger. Features listed and explained in this article are updated this year and all the features implemented this year will be the most useful for users and WhatsApp still working with many improvements through beta program for both iOS, Android & Windows devices.

Media Visibility

WhatsApp added this feature called Media Visibility few months back this year, in that WhatsApp as comes with a super update now you can hide the media files for particular contact or group individually. Manage this option in WhatsApp contact information. When you select the Media visibility option, it will ask for media files downloaded in this chat to show or not, but the default settings are set as enabled.

Media Visibility that makes the media files sent in WhatsApp to be visible in gallery or not based on user options, the user can modify this option in Settings > Chats > Media Visibility.

By modifying this option, the media sent via WhatsApp are not visible in your gallery and not able to seen by anyone, unless you change the settings. Based on user privacy WhatsApp initiated this feature.

 Mark as Read

Mark as Read feature is the one of the best updates from WhatsApp that makes better user experience, whenever you receive any messages you can read the read the messages in preview and using the option Mark as Read you can read the messages without opening the WhatsApp application.

Usually when you will receive a WhatsApp message a notification is shown with the option Reply to that chat, now with an update of ‘Mark as Read’ option shown for each chat in the notification bar.

Swipe to Reply

Currently in WhatsApp you can reply to user during chatting by just holding the chat and start typing in text editor, it automatically attaches the chat for reply, also you can hold the chat and press the (I) button in the top to reply the chat user.

Now with the update of Swipe to reply feature it allows to reply a message using gesture option these same features are implemented years ago in WhatsApp for iOS, to reply any messages just swipe the message in the right then WhatsApp automatically loads the reply message in context to save extra time using gesture control.

New Contact Shortcut

In order to send a new WhatsApp message to a new contact, the user need to first save the number from their default dialer and to refresh the WhatsApp to select the contact, or else if you already received message from unknown number (Not saved in Contacts) you can save the number from option ‘Add to Contacts’ otherwise the user need to follow the first option only.

Now WhatsApp as updated with the New Contact Shortcut option while you click on new message option, by clicking on new contact shortcut the user can directly save the new WhatsApp numbers and send messages instantly, also enhance the user experience.

Saved Voice Recordings

Record your voice messages by holding the microphone for two seconds and you’ll see the lock symbol, just swipe up now your recordings going on without holding, after completion of your recordings simply click the Home screen button or press back and come again to chat, you will see your recordings, now simply click on Play button to hear recordings before sending itself.

While recording a voice message during that time in between any calls or battery low or any disturbance comes also you don’t need to start Recordings again from first it will be auto saved also, a new trick to hear your voice messages before you can send the recordings.

GDPR Report

WhatsApp introduces the Request Account Info feature that allows you to download and export your settings and account information like registration date, mobile number, profile photo, last changed, number of groups, contacts, and more, don’t worry the messages are not exported in reports.

Re-Download Deleted Media

Media files you received via WhatsApp is deleted from the WhatsApp server after you download, in case you deleted media file in storage device means you can’t able to redownload, now WhatsApp changes its behavior as if you accidently deleted the media that saved in your device storage (SD card/WhatsApp/media) also you can redownload the file again from the Chats in WhatsApp.

Change Number Feature

This feature is introduced in privacy terms for users who needs to change their old WhatsApp number, this feature hides the change number notification to user contacts, also a user can select the custom contacts to get notified about change number, but even though all these selections also your changed number is get notified in your currently active groups.

Now go to settings and click on Account and select change number put your Old and New mobile number, now WhatsApp will ask for which contacts to notify about your New number. After migration all shared messages in old chat will be transferred in a new chat and a new chat will appear a New Bubble, indicating that user as New Number.

Reply Privately

This feature is works on WhatsApp groups only and this feature help the user to reply for the message received in the group privately to the participants by just holding on the chat message and tap on menu at the top right (Three dots) and select Reply Privately option after that WhatsApp automatically insert that particular message in the private chat of the participants.

This Reply Privately feature works even if the group settings of send messages by admin is turned On and it works for older messages you received earlier and also, for the group that is closed.

Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Mode

Picture-In-Picture feature is initially developed at beta version 2.18.234, now this feature gets rolls out for beta version 2.18.301 this feature stream the video content of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other streaming videos within WhatsApp application.

When you receive or send any video link to user, you can now experience the PIP mode, also you can chat with user while playing the video within WhatsApp, but when you move on to another chat video will stopped, but in iOS it will play when moved to other chat user also, WhatsApp working on these to develop and soon normal users also get these feature in future.

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp rolls out this feature for all Android & iOS users with 12 default sticker packs, the package contains Cuppy, Salty, Komo, BIbImbap Friends, Unchl & Rollle, ShIba Inu, The Maladrolts, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana, Biscuit & Hatch. Also, the user can download the external sticker packs through Google Play Store & WhatsApp allowed the external stickers.

WhatsApp brings out the best in stickers with best UI experience they categories the stickers as like emoji’s with recently used stickers, favorite stickers by holding the sticker and click on star and it will be moved to favorite sticker and stickers categories like Love, Happy, Sad for all downloaded stickers they organize the stickers with these 3 categories and these makes the user to pick up the stickers as per their wish.

WhatsApp added tag ‘Forwarded’

Being working on so many features like improved experience and having fun with stickers WhatsApp also concentrated in terms of privacy. WhatsApp is the No.1 communication service having more than 1 Billion users are using WhatsApp service in over 170 countries to reduce the spreading of fake news and spam messages through WhatsApp, they decided to add a tag line ‘Forwarded’ in all forward messages this will make the user to understood that the message or news are spread by someone.

WhatsApp further reviewed the forwarded messages limit to 5 users for per message to reduce sharing the fake news. Also, by default WhatsApp having Report feature that any message received from unknown contact then you can report the contact as spam in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group Call with New UI

Earlier WhatsApp introduced a group video and audio calling feature for users but to make call more than one person you need to call the first person and after that you’ll get an option for making another call as like conference call.

Now WhatsApp insert a new call shortcut button in the groups that allows you to call the participants in the group at the same time and the maximum calling is limited to 3 participants. WhatsApp also in development to improve this group calling features further for better user experience.

Group Features

The best and lot of updates made this year in WhatsApp is WhatsApp groups, they added an additional group settings options that only visible for group admin user of groups to make more customization in groups in the year 2018 than 2017. The lot of improvements in Groups like,

Dismiss as Admin

In WhatsApp earlier in 2017 anyone can remove group admin even if they are group creator, now a creator can use the dismiss as admin feature to remove the admin power of other participants but never other admin participants can remove the Creator of Group Admin

VicsHacks WhatsApp Group

Also, this feature is enabled by default in WhatsApp Application for all users and the same as been works for WhatsApp Business application.

Restrict Group

WhatsApp continuously updating more features in Group chats like adding Description of group, dismiss as admin and in group not able to remove the creator of group even admin also, in the row WhatsApp comes up with Restrict Group features that maintain privacy of groups that means any participants not able to change logo and Group name without Admin permission.

Only the group admin sees this option Group Settings in group info, in that settings you can manage Group Info and Group Admins.

The group info is for whether group admin or group participants to edit group, and the group admins used to manage the number of admins list, also to make or dismiss as admin.

And other group participants never able to change the group title and Group image, description until the group creator change the settings.

Add Group Description

Manage this feature option at,

Group Chat>Group Info>Add group description

Using this feature, you can describe some words about the Group Content, also this description is shown while inviting the person to group, this feature can also access by group participants under group admin controls.

Send Messages

WhatsApp brings out this feature ‘Send Messages‘, option for group admins. Enabling this option makes participants to not able to send any messages, photos, videos in that group.

Only the admins can send messages to that group, also once the option is enabled an info message is send to the group for all participants, and the participants input chat bar is hidden and shows the footer as ‘Only Group admins can send messages‘.

Admin users can manage this setting by selecting WhatsApp group info > Group settings. In Group settings select send messages to Only admins or All participants options, by selecting only admins makes the group members to not able to send any messages to that particular group. The other options in the group works as usual.

Also, if the group participants want to send any messages to that group, can send the message to admin by selecting Admins link in groups footer.

Expandable group participants list

WhatsApp organize the contents in groups by adding the option More. If there are more than 10 participants WhatsApp shows a “More” option in group info area, when the user clicks the More option the rest of group participants are shown, this saves the page size in the group info.

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