Launcher is the most important application to install in every smartphone to enhance the user experience and also, you get customizable features as per our wish. Even though the smartphones are coming with default launcher from each brand but in that launcher apps all are collaged and need to search each application every time, then no customization, extra features you’ll get as like in third party launcher.

And here we found the ad free, customizable, better user experience and more features included within the launcher and I used the launcher for more times as per my opinion using this launcher you can experience the enhanced one hand operation in any smartphone even in more screen size device. Now let move on to the features of Launcher.

Smart Launcher

This is the Launcher we describe it above will be available in Google Play store for free and to experience the all features go for Pro version. Here are the updated features of smart launcher,

It features pages manager which as App page, Smart search page, Widget page and News page here the news page will show the latest news if you feel annoying it can be removed in pages manager. Also, you can access all this page by just sliding in multiple direction from home page.

In Home page you can create folders & app shortcut links and also you can set secondary action for each folders and application with another application and it will work by double taping in the same icon and this will be like a dual process with single icon. You can set the popup widget, apps, app shortcut as secondary action.  Also, you can hide the folders & apps from home page anytime in a single click this will give you full screen as viewable.

In App pages app layout can be customized to our wish as like how much portrait and landscape columns we need and here you can categories the application accordingly. Also, you can set the category bar in and bottom, I have set it in the bottom and also enabled the option stack apps from bottom in App page layout preferences this will enhance the one hand operation in my 6.5-inch Display smartphone.

Then the smart search page has the great feature to access all your needs from the home screen by just swiping, the smart search can able to search your contacts, open application, search on web, call the contact, add new numbers to contacts. And it will display the recently dialed numbers and recently opened application, then all these features can be done from the home page itself.

Other additional features & gestures will give you a better user experience and able to manage the device in one hand like Double tap on home screen will lock your device, assign the application or short link for single finger & double finger swiping in multiple direction from the home page by this you can access your favorite application by just swiping from the home screen itself.

As well as best in features it also best in customization like changing font style, app animation, app icon pack and app icon size. Smart launcher will have the online store where you can get many themes and icon pack for free. Then it has Adaptive icon features which customize the app icons in to different shapes and design. And it has Ambient theme option which changes the theme color based on the wallpaper we assign.

It also as an option to back up your preferences & save in drive or any cloud services for setting up easily in the new segment. Smart launcher also great for security like you can hide the application with password and manage the hidden application right from the app pages menu.

Smart Launcher Highlights

  • Smart Search Bar.
  • App Category Bar.
  • Widget Pages.
  • Change Icon Size
  • Online store for Themes & App Icon.
  • Assign application by Swiping using Gesture Control.
  • Adaptive Icon will customize app in different style.
  • Ambient Theme
  • Backup Preferences
  • Hidden application with password

Install the application from here Install Smart Launcher  

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