Youtube is a largest video sharing company, youtube was created by former three paypal employees on 2005, later Google bought this website on 2006,now youtube is Google’s one of the service,by using youtube an user can view, upload, share, like, comment videos, the content includes in youtube like TV shows, movies, entertainment videos, all favorite videos, musics, new movie trailer releases, youtube has a largest collection of videos in different categories,this largest collection is made only with the help of users,because the user only upload these videos.

Google creates a buisness platform in youtube that makes the youtubers with different skills uploading different categories of videos leads to largest platform of video sharing. In youtube the user can watch the videos only, not able to download the video, youtube desides that user needs to watch the videos repeated times,so download option is not enabled in Youtube.

Snaptube Android Application

In this article we share a best method to download youtube videos in all formats including mp4, 720P HD, 1080P HD, 2K HD, 4K HD videos with all resolution, also user can download the videos in music from MP3 50K to MP3 160K type formats. This is the best android application till now to download videos. 

Snaptube is a free video downloader for android that launched in 2014, this is the most popular application to download youtube videos, also facebook, twitter and user can download many more video sharing websites, snaptube is safe and clean, its not a malware or virus, but for security reason don’t sign up with your Google id directly.

How to Download

To download videos simpy select the platform or search if it is youtube videos.For social media videos the user need to login to the social media site in Snaptube applications,then user can download the videos in their feeds of social media’s like facebook, twitter, instagram..etc..After selecting the video,by clicking on Down Arrow select the format of video and click download,that’s it…

Snaptube is not availabe in google playstore due to downloading youtube videos, so google will not copyright this application, but this application is safe only to download youtube videos.

To download this application – Click here

Desktop Users

By using Snaptube applications the user can download any youtube or social media websites videos on smartphones,as like that for desktop users, can download youtube videos by using simple trick.

How to Download

  • Select the videos on youtube
  • After selecting the video, on address bar at the top you’l see the youtube ‘URL’ of the video.
  • Now simply add ‘SS’ in front of youtube,as like below
  • After editing hit enter,now redirected to video download site.
  • Select your video formats & download,that’s it..

As like snaptube android application, is an free online youtube video downloader site in different formats,not only youtube also from various video sites & social media sites are supported to download,the user can simply paste the youtube video link on website to download.As easy method the user can use the above method to download instantly by simply adding “SS” in youtube URL.This website also provides Google chrome extension for one click download anytime.