WhatsApp recently implemented the feature WhatsApp Stickers through beta program on Android version 2.18.329 and later on all Android & iOS users get the update. WhatsApp brings the feature with 12 default sticker packs and also, WhatsApp allows to get additional sticker through separate application in Google Play store for Android users as well as App Store for iOS users. Other messenger applications like hike, telegram also, has sticker feature but they import the sticker packs within the application itself but in WhatsApp you need to download additional application to use the sticker packs and you need download different application for different genre of sticker.

In Play Store & App Store applications related to WhatsApp Stickers is spread out more by developers and the best thing in WhatsApp is you can create your own stickers using your photos and selfies taken in the mean time in between your chat and converting that into stickers instantly and sharing to your friends, families while chatting to make fun. Around the hundreds of applications in play store with anonymous adds, we found the best way to share the fun through stickers in your chatting time instantly, let’s move on to the article,

Generally, to create the WhatsApp stickers the photo should be in transparent background and to be 512*512 pixel in all sides and the image size to be in less than 100kb are the basis requirements for WhatsApp Stickers. So, the first thing is to remove the background of your photos and here we found the best online background remover website to remove the background from the photos automatically.

Go to website from the below link and select the option ‘Select a photo’ and upload your available photos or capture using the camera after uploaded, you’ll get the background removed photo as result, just download the image and continue with much more. This Remove Image Background tool is 100% free and automatic.

After removing the background from the picture then now convert the transparent picture to WhatsApp stickers using the application Sticker Studio. The sticker studio application is the best application to create your photos to WhatsApp stickers. It features to add 3 stickers as minimum in WhatsApp and you can also, add as Rectangle, Triangle & Circle cut out shape and has the option to make the full photo as sticker and this application has inbuilt crop feature option by drawing the around the subject outline and then using the option Scale Sticker you can zoom in the cropped photos as per your creativity and also, there is an option to draw & Write on the sticker as per your wish. After editing, name the sticker pack and create minimum three stickers in the pack to add in WhatsApp.


>Click here to Remove the Background from the Image

>Click here to Install Sticker Studio Application (Android)

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Firstly, select the photos you wish send as sticker & upload it in the remove.bg website to remove your photo background automatically.
  2. Now install the Sticker Studio Application from the above link.
  3. In the application click on (+) icon at the bottom left to upload the photos or capture via camera.
  4. Now select the background removed photo.
  5. You can also select any photos and use the default editor in the sticker studio to remove the background manually or else, use the full image as sticker.
  6. If you uploaded background removed photo, click on the option ‘Use Full Image’.
  7. Then name the sticker pack as per your wish & add minimum three photos in that pack to add in WhatsApp.
  8. After adding three stickers in sticker pack tap on the (+) icon on the sticker pack and select the option ‘Add sticker Pack to WhatsApp’.
  9. That’s it, your stickers are now added in WhatsApp, move on to WA messenger.,

Now head on to WhatsApp messenger and go to any chat then tap on emoji icon and select the sticker option in the bottom and you’ll the sticker pack, select & click to send and for more stickers add the stickers in sticker pack in the sticker studio application. The sticker pack can be used in Gboard keyboard and you can use in all application. And the application is containing ads in between also, it has a pro version with more features and ads free.  

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