Honor View 20 has made innovative In-Screen Camera has 25MP (F/2.0) selfie camera mounted beneath the screen and it punched about 4.5mm diameter in the top left corner of the display. And the rear camera has 48MP with new Sony IMX586 sensors with F/1.8 aperture size. The camera features 4K video recording, super slow motion at 960 fps, Time-lapse recoding, AI HDR mode for both front & rear and soft LED flash support, Night mode, AI Lens, Light painting, Aperture mode, Pro mode, 3D Panorama, Light Painting, Filter mode, Artist mode, Stickers, Document Scanning, Portrait mode in Rear and Back.

The Honor View 20 camera output’s high-resolution HD images with good colors, saturation and contrast and AI mode additional helps in producing rich colors and sharper images. It has special feature Artist mode and we loved capturing photos in this mode it gives the painting effect pictures in high quality. Capturing photos in both front and rear camera a while in all modes we observed that it has good shutter speed and with beast camera sensor with using the honor native Pro mode feature helps greatly to capture moving subject to freezing shot as like DSLR cameras.

48MP Rear & 25MP Selfie Shooter

48MP Rear Camera Features, Specification & Performance

The Honor View 20 has mounted with 48MP rear camera with 3D TOF lens supported with LED flash, the rear camera has Portrait mode with 5 different lighting feature and Beauty & Face shaping control this mode is supported for up to 12MP with 4000*3000 photo resolution, then photo mode here you can capture up to 48MP in 8000*6000 photo resolution with AI feature. And it features Panorama mode, HDR mode, 3D Panorama mode which allows to view the pictures in 3D mode by moving the devices up & down or left & right.

The View20 has more custom features in the camera department and does good job without any third-party application, the rear camera features AI Lens, Light painting, Aperture mode, Pro mode, 3D Panorama, Light Painting, Filter mode, Artist mode, Stickers, Document Scanning.

Normal Mode

Capturing photos in photo mode gives the vivid details in Natural lighting at 48MP resolution the pixels are not broken even for 5X zoom then by enabling the AI feature in this mode resulting with good colors additionally, also the AI feature increases the overall photo brightness by increasing the ISO and reduces the exposure time to overcome the over exposure in photos. In 48MP resolution mode zooming option is not supported in photo mode.

Captured in Natural Lighting condition with 4000*3000 pixel at F/1.8, ISO-50 & 1/186 Exposure time.

Where in artificial and low light condition output good details and has more sharper images but has more contrast, which makes the photos subject slightly dark.

Portrait mode vs Aperture mode

In Portrait mode at natural lighting condition it captures better photography with good details, sharpness and good colors production in the subject, then the main thing it having good amount of blur in the subject background. Also, the rear-portrait mode has not supported for AI feature, then comparing the portrait mode with related feature Aperture mode both are capturing in same configuration but in aperture mode the aperture value can be set as per our wish and also, you can adjust the aperture value and focus point after capturing the photos.

Captured in Natural Lighting condition with 4000*3000 pixel at F/1.8, ISO-50 & 1/100 Exposure time.

Moving to the picture quality both modes are producing good details, sharpness in the subject. In aperture mode we observe the missing of sharpness in the subject edges but it has better blur effect than portrait mode.

Where in Artificial lighting also it does decent job with quick auto focus and you can see the background blur in the view finder itself and outputs the same has sharper details with good amount of background blur but capturing in more lighting Condition the honor View20 makes the photos subject darker and has low digital noise in the background blur.

Rear Camera Video Recording

Honor View20 rear 48MP camera has records video up to 4K UHD in 3840*2160 resolution having beauty, different lighting and background blur video recording feature supported for up to 1080p FHD in 1920*1080 resolution. And beauty effect mode is supported for only 720P HD in 1280*720 resolution

It has Time-lapse and super slow-motion video recording feature, in Slow-motion it records on 720P HD in 240 & 960 fps and 1080P FHD resolution in 120 fps. Recording in this mode makes good stable slow-motion effect but the video quality is highly disappointed in low and artificial lighting Condition. Then the Time-lapse recording has supported for 720P HD in 1280*720 resolution. It calculates 14sec as 1sec for video recording and the quality also seems to be good even in the artificial lighting Condition and even it has fast video playback it has details in the video while pause and preview the image.

25MI AI Front Camera Features, Specification & Performance

The front 25MP In-Screen Camera features portrait & photo mode with AI and HDR support then customized and special features like AR lens mode which has 3D Qmoji, Effects and Backgrounds option using this you can create gif, video in 3D emoji style which reflecting your action, then it supports Panorama mode, 3D Panorama mode, Filter mode, Artist mode, Stickers features.

Normal & Portrait mode

Where in selfie mode the honor View20 has performs well with sharper details but lacks slightly in color reproduction, looks like low saturation in skin tone, then another important thing that capturing in artificial lighting honor View20 photos looks like brighter and the picture has filled with more white’s shade.

The front shooter has HDR support but its not do the best job while capturing in the direct lighting condition subject details are missing around the edges and light shades are not controlled. Also, the color reproduction is missing as they not bring the true colors in artificial lighting.

Front shooter in Normal Mode with AI in Natural lighting condition

Front Shooter in Normal Mode in Artificial Lighting Condition

For portrait honor View20 has no secondary sensor to achieve the depth effect instead they used to get the bokeh effect through software with different effects. The portrait mode has a support of HDR and AI mode where’s AI increase the picture sharpness & color than in the normal photos. On capturing in the Natural lighting condition output vivid details and sharper images in a maximum of 5760*4304-pixel resolution, and the picture quality are at the best since the pixels are not broken even cropping the picture or zooming the photos to up to 5X level.

Front Shooter in Portrait mode with AI in Natural Lighting

Front shooter in Portrait mode with AI in Artificial Lighting

Also, in portrait mode as additional lighting effects which gives best experience like photo booth and stage lighting where’s the stage lighting feature will helps to remove the background after capturing the photos. And it has Artist mode which delivers the photos like painting effect with good colors and smoothness.


The Honor view 20 has capable of doing all these things instantly with good shutter speed and it would be a definitely a camera killer and it has constrains having that color management to be concentrated and in capturing photos in selfie camera in artificial lighting condition produces white shades and need to optimize the white balance in artificial lighting. Then HDR mode also not at the best especially in the front shooter, other than in natural lighting it is absolutely an imaginary camera with great pixel resolution, sharper pictures, richer details and vivid colors.