In shortly Windows Folder Customization means,if you are trying to change folder icon, folder pictures in icon, folder background,replacing the White background is called Folder customization.The user can change folder icons & pictures, but folder backgroungd changing is the challenging one, now in this article i’l tell you this windows folder Background changing using Notepad without any external software,so read this article carefully,

Initial Setup Procedure

  • Firstly go to Control Panel > Personalization > Folder option.

  • In folder option select View Tab and untick option Hide Extension for known file types ,Hide Protected Operating System files and also select the Show Hidden files,folders, and drivers option and click apply.

  • Now before going the topic first you need to know about a new file type and extension


INI means Extension used for files in Microsoft windows operating system,the term INI stands for Initialization,its used has a configuration settings to set parameters for operating systems and some programs,the file contain codes that set various setting parameters for Mouse, Keyboard , Peripharals, Screen colours, Screen size, program initial settings, passwords,customization and so on..,these files types are like word document and its simply opens automatically using Notepad,but these files are always hidden from user in Windows operating System.


The desktop.ini is also a configuration setting file that contols the folder customization like folder icons & pictures changes made by user,these desktop.ini file is found in every customized folders made by user,also used in various system folders,these files are protected and hidden by windows operating system,deleting this folder is not recommended but deletion will cancel all customization made and restored to default settings automatically.

By using this file type we are going to change the folder background by a simple codes using Notepad,


IconArea_Image=”D:\vicshacks\Logos and 

Cover\folder customisation.jpg

Use the above code as it is in Notepad,with few changes are,the red highlighted are the Main code,copy and paste as it is same,then replace the pink highlighted with your background file root location,finally replace the blue highlighted words with your File name of the background picture,and don’t forgot to put Quotaion mark ( ” ).

How To

  • Firstly do initial setting procedure for better access,
  • Decide the Folder you want to change the Background.
  • Now open Notepad and paste the code mentioned above with your settings and select Save As,
  • In ‘Save As’ dialog box select your decided folder location,type the file name as ‘desktop.ini’ & ‘save as type’ as All types and Save.

  • That’s it,if all done correctly,we changed the folder background using Notepad.

For better folder background image,make you picture resolution as per folder background resolution,also for perfect scaling and keep hide the Picture used for background and desktop.ini file to prevent from deletion or changes in code accidently,also change the setting back to default made in Folder option by clicking Restore Defaults to prevent Windows operating system.

Note:Take care while accessing system files,single file missing will make your system behave like abnormal,try at your own risk,also feel free to comment if any problems…