Cred is an Application founded by Mr. Kunal Sha who is the founder of Free charge application. Cred supports for both android & iOS devices. Now let you know more about the Cred app in detail in this Cred app review article,

Install the Cred Application from here Cred App Link

What is Cred?

Cred is an application that supports for both android & iOS. This application will be used for paying credit card bills. Generally, credit card users pay their bills through respective bank websites or any other sources like Paytm, Phonepe, etc.

Similarly, paying credit card bills through cred application will gives you a rewards points for how much you have paid. For instance, if you paying a bill of Rs. 1000 through cred application you’ll get 1000 rewards points in your cred account. Now using that points you can claim any deals which are available in cred application.
Cred had collaborated with many brands, eShopping and online platforms for providing best deals. Cred application will support all types of cards like Visa, Master and rupay. Similarly, it accepts 30+ banks including major banks like axis, sbi, hdfc, icici, etc.…

Who will Eligible?

Cred is not for all users its specially for users who are using credit cards with good cibil scores. So, in order to check the eligibility, after installing the application (Install here), firstly enter your name and mobile number. After that, cred will check your details with credit bureau like Experian, cibil and if your credit score is above 750 you will be eligible for using the cred application.

How to use Cred App

As already told first install cred app from play store then open the app and enter your name & mobile number. After that, wait for some time Cred will check your credit score online and after confirming you are eligible, you’ll enter in to the application. Now, add your first credit card in to the Cred. Just enter the credit card number & name after that, Cred will credit Rs. 1 to your credit card to complete verification. Also, the credit score you got will be credited as welcome cred credit points.

That’s it, now start paying the credit card bills by adding credit cards in addition and for each bill payment, the paid amount will be credited as cred reward points. Using that rewards points you can claim the deals and offers present in the cred Lifestyle section. Finally, these are rewards which are already claimed by myself using the cred rewards points. Here I have got redeemed many products for free and overall, I claimed worth for Rs. 10,000 around on using this cred app so far.

Cred App features, Overview

Guys this is the cred app home page interface, here at the bottom it has 3 tabs options the first one is home section, its like a dashboard it shows all pending card dues, rewards, etc. Then this is cards section, here you can manage and add all your credit cards. Also, you can pay the credit card dues right from here. And at last lifestyle tab here you’ll see all the deals, offer and rewards and its details.

Again, coming back to home, at the top two options will be there, one is profiled section here, you’ll see your credit scores, account details, and the total amount of paid-for credit cards through cred. Also, other account management options like support, profile, logout are available here. Similarly, the second one is control option. Here, you’ll see explore lifestyle it nothing but the rewards section. Then, it has the referrals sections.
Of course, Cred app having the referral program where you’ll get 10 gem points on referring each person. On collecting 30 gems you can collect Rs. 1000 gift cards from favorite shopping sites like Amazon & Flipkart. And much more deals listed on cred.
Coming back to the remote control area, it shows the number of added credit cards, total cred points, gem points and number of rewards claimed. Also, the cred app has the feature of night mode you can easily switch between dark and light mode from the control center.

How secure is Cred!

Finally, in terms of security & privacy, there is no more issues in the Cred app. However, it has PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified company which means it implemented applicable industry-standard security controls governed by the PCI council that protects customer’s card data in a highly secured manner.
Also, I have personally used the Cred app for more than 6-months and during this period I have paid all my credit card dues via Cred App. However, the payments made for each card will be credited to your credit card within 48-hours of payment. Similarly, payment can be made through UPI, net banking and debit cards. Also, it has its own Cred UPI payment method. Therefore, paying your credit card bills through cred app is hassle-free and major secure.

Final Verdict

Subsequently, the Cred app is an best option for credit users for paying credit card bills at timely with the help of remainders and notification via WhatsApp message. Similarly, payments are securely credited into your credit card account safely and most trustable. However, Cred is an first ever app that offers premium deals, cashbacks, and giftcards for just paying our credit card bills. In my insights and based on my personel usage I strongly recommend each credit card user to start using this application. 


Install the Cred Application from here Cred App Link