Android Smartphone is a powerful device than all other, now a days smartphones specification is improving day by day at the same time we have to protect our privacy, data’s in smartphone from hackers, because we uploaded our full life history in smartphone like photos, videos, memories, smartphone usage activity, passwords, banking account details, chat history, all these information’s are stored in each respective applications in your android smartphone. Already we posted how to protect your smartphones from hacking, now in today’s post i’m writing a article about ‘how to check your smartphone is hacked or not. So read this post carefully upto the footer,

Android is a part of Google company, so every android based smartphones used to start up their device with google account only, so an smartphone can be hacked in two way,

  1. Package Installer Android Application in Smartphone.
  2. Google Account used to register in Smartphone. 

1.Package Installer Android Application in Smartphone

Follow the below tutorial to find out the package installer apps hidden in your smartphones without installing any external application,

Android Application

Really applications are available that can monitor your calls, location, chats, call history, recording your calls, take photos using your camera, but i’m not intrested to share that illegal activities in our blog. But in general an android smartphones accepts only android applications, in every new or old smartphones, having loaded with full applications only, all applications like settings, launcher, dialler, messaging, gallery its whether inbuild or third party everything is applications (.apk) format. All applications are having a address like for gallery application, like that each applications having each unique address.

An simple hacking application works smarter than you without your knowledge. So we have to track that hacking applications in your smartphones, for that many ways from manufacturer side itself available to monitor & find out the spyware applications.

Any Hacking application works with the help of Internet only, without internet connection hacking application can’t send your smartphones data to someone, so internet is the main thing to make the application running. But this type of hacking application are always hidden from your app drawer, you can’t able to see them in your installed application, to find out this application we have to check the below inbuild settings, without installing any external application.

Application List

As already told, android smartphone has filled with applications only, in that inbuild, playstore apps, package installer all are mixed, also may be some apps installed without your knowledge & hidden from your app drawer by any bad guys surrounding you or by injecting. So to monitor all the apps, check the Application list in your android default settings,

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Application List
  • Now u’l see a list of application installed in your smartphones.
  • It shows all inbuild & installed application.
  • Check each application in list, for whether you using or not.
  • If Suspect any abnormal, Click on the application.

Battery Optimization

This setting is used to save your battery power whenever the applications are not in use, by turning On the ‘Optimize’ option, by default all application are optimized while installed itself, also this option protect the background process of application, this option is availabe for android version 6.0 & above, manage this settings under Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization.

Also in battery optimization, select the menu in the top-right & select Advanced Optimization, under this settings switch on the both options.

  • Now in the Suspect app info, click battery
  • Check how much battery is used by this application.
  • In battery option select ‘Battery Optimization
  • It Shows all application, check all apps are optimized or not.
  • If application not optimized, click on the application & select optimize.

Apps Permission

This setting is the important one, you have to monitior carefully, it shows the permission details of the selected application, also these permissions are given by you while installing the application. Whenever you install a new application for first time it ask some user permission to access or to work that application normally, the user permission is differ from each  application based on the app content. The app must have to access like  Location, Contacts, Storage, Camera, Microphone, Telephone, Sms, to make the application work properly.

  • Now in the suspect app info, click on ‘permissions‘.
  • It show all application access property.
  • Check which property is turned ON.
  • Is this the suspected app Turn OFF all the permission.

Also check the app permission in settings for each permission seperately, the most privacy concern permissions are Camera, Location, Contacts, Microphone, SMS, Telephone, Storage. Check each permission allowed application, if suspect anything revoke the permission & uninstall that application. Manage this settings under Settings > Apps > Apps Permission.

Running Services

If you can’t able to suspect any applications in above settings, finally this settings will show the every background process running in your smartphones, using this setting you can finalize whether your smartphone is hacked or not. Any hidden application running in background get caught in these running services option. Manage this options under Settings > Developer Options > Running Services.

In earlier Android 4.2 versions this option is available in apps menu, but in the newer versions android hide this settings under developer options, to know how to enable the developer options & more about android developers Click here now this option is used to analyse RAM usage of each application background process that is installed in your Smartphones. Now check for the services that is not in application list but running means stop that services & find out which application in details and uninstall permanently.

2.Google Account used to register in Smartphone

Google Account

Every android smartphones need a google account to register a smartphone, like how android application can access your smartphone data, same like that google account is also access your smartphone data, because google account is monitor all your daily activity and stored in your account, it is helpful if its is privacy, if you account is hacked or your password is spreaded out means all your stuff will go on air. One google account uses the following services,

  • Ads
  • Android
  • Assistant
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • Developers
  • Gmail
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Apps
  • Google Archieve
  • Google Cloud
  • Google Lens
  • Google News
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Store
  • Help
  • Image Search
  • Maps
  • News
  • Play Music
  • Search
  • Tez
  • Video Search
  • Voice & Audio
  • Youtube

You can manage all these services in a single account, also you can track the all your services activity in these single account. These activity will helpful for finding suspicious activity in your smartphones. To manage your activity monitor these three options,

  • Google Signin & Security
  • Google Security Checkup
  • Google Privacy Checkup
  • Google MyActivity

Google Signin & Security

Go to and select Signin & Security, in that there are three options

  • Signing in to Google.
  • Device Activity & Security events.
  • Apps with Account Access.

Signing in to Google

Control your password and keep change your passwords, also enable the ‘Two step verification’ under this options.

Device Activity & Security Events

It shows the devices used your google account access, also review the devices used & Remove the devices you don’t need. Also a recent security events is showed.

App with Account access.

It shows the list of websites & apps given access to your google account, manage the apps & remove access for suspicious account. 

Google Security Checkup

  • This will protect your google account by reviewing the security checkup options, to do that first go
  • In My account select ‘Get Started’ on Security Checkup.
  • Now Security Checkup dialog box opens, review the settings.

Your Devices

It shows the list of devices used your google account, checkout the devices are owned by you, else change your passwords immediately. Also review and remove the devices under Signin & Security option.

Two-Step verifiaction

Keep ON the two-step verification to protect from hacking, to know more about two-step verification Click here

Google Privacy Checkup

Review and adjust the settings of what data google wants to monitor your activity, by clicking on Start now in Privacy Checkup option in google myaccount, Turn ON all the settings in Activity controls,

  • Web & App Activity
  • Location History
  • Device Information
  • Audio & Voice activity
  • Youtube search History
  • Youtube watch History

By turning all these activity saves all your device usage, apps usage, photos shared in google, recently visited location, Which apps you opened, for what content you searched in google, youtube, in your smartphones what activity your doing, what app you installed all these activities are recorded daily and saved in your google account & google keeps it in privacy.

Google MyActivity

Once google privacy checkup reviewed, as per that all the activity are stored in your Myactivity of  Google account. Manage it by going

Here you will see all your daily activity, in daily basic also if any application is installed and opened without your knowledge means you can find out these activity in your google myactivity. So keep active in google myactivity often to know what is happening in your smartphone.

Important Points to Remember

  • Smartphone is a key to access our life, so please don’t give to anyone.
  • Always use inbuild smartphones apps for patterns, pin, passwords, app lock.
  • Secure your smartphone with strong passwords.
  • Protect your google account with ‘Two Step Verification’.
  • Switch off your Internet whenever you not use.
  • Don’t connect in public wifi for free internet.
  • Check frequently your location services & keep it turn Off always.
  • Don’t share your smartphone passwords to anyone.
  • Uninstall unwanted or unused apps from your smartphones.
  • Disconnect your internet connection while making call.
  • Don’t login you google account in public computers, if login remove your account from google chrome.
  • Monitor Location, Bluetooth, Mobile data that are turning ON or OFF frequently without your permission.


An android smartphone can prevent from hacking by this two strong method, both android application & Google account plays the important role in android smartphones, so protect your google account & monitor your account activity frequently, also check what android application installed in your smartphones often, if all found normal you smartphone is safe & your privacy is protected that’s it, don’t forgot to share this article..