A  news circulated among media that 50 crore mobile numbers are at the risk of disconnection and need to provide the know your customer (KYC) documents again otherwise connection will be lost if they bought a SIM cards through Aadhaar verification.

Yesterday the Department of Telecom (DOT) & Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) clarified about these reports in joint press Statement, that a few news states 50 crore mobile numbers are at risk of disconnection are completely untrue & imaginary, also they said the news is circulated to create unnecessary panic among mobile users.

The joint press meets clarified that the Hon’ble Supreme court has given judgement that mobile numbers issued through Aadhaar verification will not be disconnected, so there is no need to panic or fear regarding this rumour and there is no way to get disconnected in any case.

The court also not asked to delete the eKYC data of telecom customers after the period of six months, if the customer wants to replace their Aadhaar he has to replace with new eKYC documents by delink the old eKYC as per earlier DOT circulars on mobile KYC. But court has asked the UIDAI to delete the authentication log for users having a period of more than six months, this restriction is only for UIDAI and this standard is not for telecom companies or AUAs or KUAs.

The Supreme court complaint on Aadhaar case and prohibited the issue of new SIM cards via Aadhaar eKYC process due to lack of law and there is no way of deactivate the old mobile phones.

So, Department of Telecom & UIDAI are proposed a process of bringing a new hassle-free & digital method for issuing a new SIM cards through a Mobile application. By this process a live photography of a person with latitude, longitude & time stamp is captured also, a photo of his/her ID proof like Aadhaar, voter, etc., will be captured. The SIM card agent will make the authentication process through OTP and SIM card will be issued.