Facebook Messenger Delete Message feature is Coming Soon

Earlier this year Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg deleted some messages in their chat in Facebook Messenger and it goes in higher controversial and after that Facebook state that this will be the upcoming feature that we are working on to delete the message in chat after sent, but they didn’t tell when it will rolls out, but in recent days on twitter user @MattNavarra tweeted that the feature will rolls out soon in the version 191.0.

The feature explains that if you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message in the chat you can remove that message within 10 minutes of sending, but 10 minutes timing of deleting a message will not give much time since, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook company has already implemented this feature earlier they support this feature for up to 1hr 8min 16sec also, this feature in Facebook Messenger is long time awaited by users.

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