Change Android GPS Location without rooting this method is done by using the hidden android developers options, already in previous two article we explain about android developers options, if you didn’t know about that, check out by Clicking here for better understanding of this article.

GPS Location

This method is used to hide your current GPS location with your preffered location as your new GPS location, when any one try to access your current location it will not shown to them. For example if your current location is India, changed your location to United States, now when anyone or yourself try to find your smartphone GPS location, it will show you like ‘you are currently in United states’ but actually your current location is India.

Now this method is done by using Mock Locations. This option is inbuild officially in every android smart phones from older version to upto Oreo 8.1. This option is hidden from normal users as it is inside the developers options of your smartphone. Mock locaion allows you to fake information about the location of your phone by GPS.

Initial Steps to Fake GPS Location

  • First enable developers options in your Android smartphone, Click here to know how to enable.
  • Install ‘Mock Location (Fake GPS path)’ application from Google Play store.


  • In the developers options for older Android versions just enable slider options for Mock Location.
  • For newer android version. you will have options like ‘Select Mock location app’ click on that & select the installed Mock Location application.

  • Enable GPS location in your Smartphone.

How to use Mock Location Application

  • Open application & you will have Maps like UI , in the top left having the options Start, Clear, Delete, & Saved Routes.

  • In this map select you preferred location as your choise and click hold, now the selector option is pinned in selected location.

  • You can also select another location to make routing.
  • Select the Tick option top left widget options.
  • Now a it ask how much time you should be there,enter in minuites and select Go., & for routing enter how much km/h to reach the destination & enter time in minutes select Go.

  • That’s it your current location is setted to a fake location as your choise.

For route selection your current location will moving to the destination route as per the defined fake location route. You can check with official google maps application, it will show your fake location as your current location. Also all the application related to access location installed in your smartphones are locate this fake location only.