The US president DONALD J. TRUMP officially announced in the press conference that, the business relationship between the US & China government will continue. Therefore, Google ban against Huawei devices got revokes.

Last month, the US Government president DONALD J. TRUMP signed an executive order to prohibit business to China government. Due to, the US President DONALD J. TRUMP suspects that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in Information and Communication technology and services.

Google ban Huawei License earlier

The US suspects that China’s government force companies like Huawei to install backdoors on their device to spy American networks. But Huawei repeatedly not accepting the US government statements.

It leads to cancellation of Google license for Huawei devices including for Honor smartphones. Later on, Google extends the ban period to 90 days for up to August end.

Also, Google announced that the services will be continued for older Huawei based devices. But no more updates will be received after the ban period get overs.

Huawei OS getting ready

Meanwhile, Huawei company are working on the new OS for their Huawei based devices. Recently they developed their OS and supposed to be named as ARC OS or Hongmeng OS.

The recent leaks from close reveal that Huawei applied for a smartphone interface patent in the name of “Huawei Ark OS”, “Ark” and “Huawei Ark” in the German Patent and Trademark Office in March this year. 

The patent application also includes a series of screenshots. However, it is not clear whether the screenshot belongs to Huawei’s forthcoming Hongmeng system.

Google ban against Huawei revokes

Recently the US government president DONALD J. TRUMP & China government president Xi, Jinping talks earlier this Saturday in Osaka, Japan. They are speaking about the trade issue between the two governments.

Actually, China president Xi, calls the US president for a personal favor. Also, he explained the current trade business & employee’s situations. So, the US president goes with mutual understanding to restart the trade.

As a result of this, later on, the US president announced to the press conference in G20 Summit. He announced that the executive order against China has been discontinued.

So, China-based company Huawei can continue buying products & communication technology with the US. After the confirmation, the first news will be the cancellation of the Google license ban with Huawei devices.

Therefore, no issue on receiving updates from Google for Huawei based devices including sub-brand Honor devices. Also, upcoming Huawei & Honor devices will be runs on based on Android OS & upgrade to Android Q will be released for compatible devices soon.

What will happen to Hongmeng OS?

Meanwhile, Huawei registered a new OS trademark called Hongmeng OS. Also, the patent received which shows the Huawei OS user interface. Huawei reportedly announced that the Hongmeng OS will be available in Huawei P30 device in a month.

After this news, don’t know whether Huawei continues with Android OS or develop Hongmeng OS. Let know about this soon, stay tuned.

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