The US President DONALD J. TRUMP suspects that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in Information and Communication technology and services. In seems to be suspects, the US President TRUMP signed an executive order in United states to “prohibit any acquisition, importation, transfer, installation, dealing in, or use of any information and communications technology or service (transaction) by any person to Foreign adversaries. Therefore, Google banned the Huawei devices Android license.

The US Government not pointing out all companies but, particularly targeting on China based Huawei company. The US suspects that China’s government force companies like Huawei to install backdoors on their device to spy American networks. And Huawei repeatedly not accepting the US government statements. Then, the company CEO & founder Ren Zhengfei has made challenging statement that “America’s campaign against the company won’t stop its international growth”.

Because, of above issue and order from US government makes Google to cancel the Huawei Smartphones Android license. Therefore, hereafter Huawei devices will not able use the Android operating system for their upcoming Huawei devices. Also, Huawei already developing its own operating system literally, and in future Huawei may be use their Own operating system if this issues not sorted out. Then, for customers who already using Huawei devices will continue use the Google Play services and all Google supporting apps. But not receive any OS and Security patch update.

It’s not clear whether it affects the Huawei sub-brand Honor in India. Then what happens to the upcoming launch of Honor 20 series in India & China. Also, there is Huawei Glory 20 series as upcoming global launch. Also, if you guys planning to buy Huawei or Honor devices means, let’s wait until the issues get solved. Well, let’s update if any, in next articles. 

Update 21-05-2019 3.40 PM IST

 The US government has delayed the ban for 90 days starting from today. Which means Google will continue the updates & security patches for Huawei & Honor devices. The temprovary license valid for up to August 19th. But, the chinese company still prohibited from buying American made hardwares & software to make new products without proper license.