Google chrome recently completed 10 years, but 4 years back itself google created an hidden game in Chrome browser to make the user to use chrome when an internet connection is lost, this game is developed by google chrome visual designer Sebastien Gabriel. This game is running as far & long as you can upto you crash. As like that android game Subway surfers, Temple run these little dino keep running in the obstacles, now let’s check out how to play this game,

How to Play

There are many methods to play this game, initially when the game created and its purpose is users to play a game while their internet is lost, and later period many developers created seperate website in the name of  T-Rex game to play in Online also. Google also comes with seperate chrome url for dino game. This game is works for both Android & Desktop chrome versions.

Method : 1 ( Without Internet Connection )

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Switch off your Internet connection
  • Just tap on small dino or space bar.
  • Keep running use space bar to jump & down arrow to duck from the obstacles.
  • When the Internet connected and page will loads content.
  • That’s it.

Method : 2 ( Webpage )

  • Just open Chrome browser & keep internet connection available.
  • Go to T-Rex dino webgage.
  • Start play.

Method : 3 ( Chrome URL )

  • Just Open Chrome browser ( Works in Online & Offline )
  • In address bar type Chrome://dino (Type as like bold highlighted ).
  • After just tap space bar to start the game.
  • This is Chrome dino version so you can experience full screen gaming.
  • Also during running birthday cake is comes in between after eat, dino runs faster & the game make you addictive.
  • The cake is Vannila Flavour 😁

Method : 4 ( Chrome Developers )

  • Just open Chrome browser & keep internet connection available.
  • In keybord press ‘F12‘ or ‘Ctrl + Shift + I‘.
  • Now a Developer windows open.
  • Switch to Network.
  • Now tick mark the offline check box.
  • Press F5 & the current page becames offine..
  • Tap space bar to start the game.

This game is launched 4 years back but still now many chrome users not to be known, an simple game created by chrome to play in the time of network lost, do share & comment about this article.