Google Chrome is a widely used browsing application in almost all android devices. It’s one of the Google product now brings the new feature. Google Chrome Password manager feature lets users generate, save & manage passwords instantly & securely. Consequently, the recent upgrade of Google Chrome now officially available to all Android users through the Google Play Store.

Google Chrome Password manager

Password manager feature is earlier available in the desktop version. Also, Google asks users to save their password each time login on all webpages. The saved passwords are stored in each user google account.

Meanwhile, users can manage the saved passwords in Chrome settings in the desktop version. Further, it can be accessed through ‘’ page with their respective google accounts.

This feature now enabled in Android device too, in Google Chrome version 75.0.3770.101 with a built-in password manager. Now, the user can head into Chrome menu > Settings > Passwords.

Google Password manager will save the new passwords logged in each unique webpages with the user ID. Then upon again login in the same webpage, it Autofill the User ID & Passwords. Also, you can turn off this setting.

New Keyboard option

In addition, chrome updated Android version feature dedicated keyboard with passwords management. On clicking in the passwords field a new keyboard will switch, then on tap the Key symbol. It shows the saved passwords list for the respective page.

If there is no passwords saved it shows nothing. And on registering on the new website will suggest the random password.

Right from the settings > Passwords users can manage all their saved passwords. Also, the user can search their saved passwords in the search option.

There is another option to save passwords offline. Just tap the menu in a password manager and click on Export. After entering the device default password you can export & share the Google saved passwords via Google drive, messaging, WhatsApp, etc,

Is Password manager is Secure?

In terms of security, the saved passwords in the password manager are secured with your default device password. For copying or viewing each saved password you need to enter the device password.

So, other than you no one can access your passwords. Also, it not works with face unlock & fingerprint encryption.

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