Google recently officially tweeted about Google Pixel 4 features through a video. After watching the video & reading the blog post from Google. It officially confirms the Google Pixel 4 leaks on the traditional display design at the front.

Pixel 4 Leaks

Earlier last month we received the Google Pixel 4 leaks around the internet and from the close source. At first, known about pixel 4 camera design which looks similar to iPhone XI. After that, leaks Google officially confirmed the rear-camera design of Google Pixel 4.

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The pixel 4 square camera design includes a triple camera sensor, flash, and Laser Autofocus sensor. Later on, we received the Google Pixel 4 front design leaks which hint that Google moved back to traditional display.

Last year Google brings a new design at front panel with Notch design display. However, notch display has became most trending in all Android based mobiles last year from the starting. Therefore, Google also tried the Notch design display in the Google Pixel 3XL phone. But the notch design brought by Google felt more ugly among consumers & media. 

Now coming back to recent renders, it shows that Google keep the traditional display back for Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4XL. The render images proves that it has thick bezel at top and availed the space for dual cameras & new sensors.

And again the recent Google pixel 4 leaks are indirectly confirmed by Google. Recently, they tweeted about the Soli radar technology through a video and also represent the Pixel 4 schematic diagram of front design.

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According to the schematic diagram of Google Pixel 4 it confirms the traditional display design at front. Also, the diagram outlines the details of the sensor which located inside the Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4XL.

The Pixel 4 forehead has located with,

  • Dual Face Unlock IR camera
  • Face unlock Dot projector
  • Face unlock Flood Illuminator
  • Front Facing Camera
  • Ambient Light/Proximity sensor
  • Audio Port
  • Soli Radar chip

Therefore, it confirms the previous Pixel 4 leaks in terms of front design to be traditional display. Also in addition, it confirmed to be the Google Pixel 4 phone will have a single front camera as per the diagram. Similarly, it not clear whether the Pixel 4XL will have the dual front camera. Let’s see in the upcoming updates so stay-stuned.

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