Google is the widely used search engine service also, Google Account is the basic requirement for accessing all Android mobiles. So, to protect the account Google has made lot of security & privacy measures. Similarly, Google Two step verification is one of the security measures it gives the additional layer of protection after signing with the username & password. Now, going one step forward Google has added an extra layer security protection with two step verification.


Two Step Verification Extra Layer

Normally with Two Step Verification enabled condition while sign in with Google Account it sends the authentication to your mobile or via SMS based on settings. Now, Google shows the number in addition to the prompt dialog box. 

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Now in mobile after tapping the Yes button it shows three random number. Here you have to choose the correct number which shows in the currently trying to login screen. After that, entering the correct number Signin is verified and allowed to Google account & their respective services like Gmail, Contacts, etc,. Google added this extra layer of security to confirm the correct user.

However, there is an alternate way of login to Google account without entering the password. While login to the Google account find the option “More ways to Sign in” located at below. Just tap that option and select “Tap YES on Phone or tablet“.

Now, whenever you ‘re trying to login to your account, just enter the E-mail ID after that, it sends the authentication to selected mobile. Upon approve the Sign In you are logged in to account.

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