Hello friends, privacy is the major concern for everyone, we use multiple application to hide media files like photos, videos from gallery to protect from others, also nowadays using an third party application to hide your photos & videos are not as much secure, so in this post i’l show you how to hide your media files from gallery by using your Android mobile itself without installing any third party application in your device, i’l explain this tutorial more detailed,so read this post upto the footer. 

Media Scanner Receiver

The every media file newly added in your Internal storage or memory card will shown in Android gallery application for easy access to users,if you download any pictures, videos, & movies also shown in your android device media library using a broadcast receiver called Media scanner receiver. It scans and stores media file info in internal storage and memory card for quick access. This service scan the files in your file manager and shows in your gallery, it plays an important role for showing all media content to users.


When .nomedia file is located in a folder the media scanner receiver not scan the files in that particular folder, by using this method system files are hidden from user in Android operating system. Now using this .nomedia file we are going to hide our personal media files from gallery.Nomedia is an empty text file without any extension.This file used in every memory system, application, operating system to hide system files from user,it is also located in Android mobile operating device to hide operating system files like wallpapers, Application logos, png files, thumbnail images, mobile ringtones, cache files & other system files from gallery.

How to Create .nomedia file

We can create this file by using two ways,

Using Windows PC

  • Open a notepad
  • Don’t enter anything,simply click save as,
  • In file name enter, ‘.nomedia‘ & save the file.

  • Copy that file to your android device storage.
  • That’s it.

Using Android System file

  • Firstly open your File Manager or Explorer.
  • Go to settings, turn ON ‘show hidden files

  • Now all hidden files visible in your File manager.
  • Search for ‘.nomedia‘ file, will get lot of files.

  • Copy any one file & kept in separate location as you wish.(Don’t move the file)
  • That’s it.

Method: 1

  • Decide the media files like pictures, videos you want to hide.
  • Now in your device storage create a New Folder.
  • Inside New folder now paste the ‘.nomedia‘ file.(Created in last step)

  • Now move your decided Photos, videos, to ‘New Folder’ to hide from gallery.
  • Now open your gallery & your moved files will never shown.
  • Turn OFF the ‘Show hidden files‘ option.
  • That’s it.

Method: 2

  • Decide the media files like pictures, videos you want to hide.
  • Simpy rename the file extension from .jpg or .mp4 to ‘.zip’.

  • Now your file is hidden from Gallery.
  • But your file will be in your file manager itself.
  • To hide that simply put dot ‘.‘ in front of the file name.

  • Now the file will be hidded from file browser.
  • That’s it.

Method: 3

  • Now if you want to hide more media files.
  • Create or rename a folder starting with dot ‘.‘ , for example- ‘.Folder

  • Now all your files hidden from both file manager & gallery.



That’s it, now you media files are hidden without installing any third party application using simple system hacks, this is the official methods used by Android operating system to hide their system files from gallery, we used that method to hide our personal files, also be carefull while accessing, editing, copying system files, because if any changes happens it will create problems to your device, do as per the post tutorial, do at your own risk. If any problem feel free to comment below in the comment section.