Paypal is an american company holding an international payments, that supports online money transfer through out the world and accepts all country currency, it also an inbuild currency converter that converts any country currency to any country currency. Paypal accepts all local & international merchants, it has a partnered with over 200 merchants.It’s free to create a paypal account,

Advantages of Paypal

  • Accepts International payments
  • 100% Secured account.
  • Credit Card Security.
  • Pay to Merchants by adding Debit or Credit card instantly.
  • Create a unique link address to receive payments.
  • Auto withdrawal of received money daily to bank account.
  • Create a free shoppers, buisness, freelance account.
  • Manage all your accounts securely with Android & Iphone application.

Paypal Cashback Offers

  • Create a paypal account.
  • Confirm you Account with Pan, Bank account & Purpose code.
  • Make your first transaction of minimum Rs.400.
  • After successful transaction get Rs.200 cashback in your paypal account within 30 days.

How to Create Paypal Account

  • Firstly go to Paypal homepage here Paypal

  • Click on the ‘Signup for free’ on the banner.
  • Choose your type of account you want for free,

  • Now select your country & enter E-mail address, create passwords.

  • Now enter your First name & Last name as per in PAN card & fill other required fields.

  • That’s it your account is created, but need to confirm to receive payments.
  • Login with your credential to Paypal.
  • Now click on the Notification received & click Ok.
  • Enter your PAN details (Note: First name & Last name should match with PAN & Account name you created initialy)

  • Once verified, you are eligible to receive payments.
  • Also confirm your E-mail & mobile number in settings.

How to Add Bank account & Confirm

  • Login to your account
  • Select the Payments methods tab & click on ‘Link a bank account’.

  • Now enter your Bank account number & IFSC code, then continue.

  • To Confirm the bank account, paypal sends a two small amount to your bank account in 4-5 days.

  • Once the amount received enter the received two amounts & confirm.
  • That’s it your bank account is added & confirmed to send payments.
  • Once confirmed Auto-withdrawal is enabled, that transfer the received paypal amounts to your bank account automatically.

How to create Paypal Link.

This like a merchant link, once created it is like a web address, by clicking on the link customers can pay the amount to you using there paypal account login, to create the paypal link

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to settings, symbol like Gear.

  • In under profile section, click on ‘Get’
  • Now enter your desired name after to create a link.

  • Once created share the link to your friends & customers to receive payments in your paypal account.

That’s it after confirming all details, you are ready to receive & send payments through out the world.