Android is a mobile Operating system for smartphone devices developed by Google they started from Android version Gingerbread V2.3 with Nexus S device in the year of 2011 and now in 2018 they released their recent version update to Android Pie V9.0 with an AI support in various departments in Android devices. From the initial version to final version we have an option Android Developers given by android for advanced users, for Android version up to 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich they enabled these option in Android settings itself, later on versions android decided to hide the developers settings but they given a secret options to enable the developers menu.

Developer Options

This option is officially build in every android smartphones for advanced users, by using this options many intresting changes can be made by users, that makes the device even faster and responsive. But this option is always hidden in all new android based smartphones, you can enable this option by the following method.

How to Enable Developers Options

 Method may differ in smartphones brand wise, but more over similar only try with the below settings options,

  • Go to settings in your Android smartphone.
  • In settings scroll down to bottom and select About Phone.

  • Find the Build Number option in last.

  • Now tap the build number for Seven times.

  • Now in display it shows ‘You are now a Developer’

  • Go back to Previous Menu, now you’l see a Developer Option.
  • That’s it.

 You can enable and disable the developer option inside the Developer option toggle switch by switching On or Off, or if you want to permanently diable this feature you can factory reset the mobile. But before doing that do regular Android backup.

Developer option Highlights

Now inside developer option u’ll see a lot of hidden settings like you can take logs, bug report, USB debugging, OEM unlocking, GPU Rendering, Force4x MSAA, Windows transition animation adjustment, showing option layout, showing touching tap, and many more options that makes your smartphones more faster & intresting. In future post i’l explain about each option function and drawbacks.


The changes to be made with knowledge only, without knowledge changing the developers option can make your device hardware brick, so please always be caution while accessing developers option, also try at your own risk and vicshacks is not responsible for any causes.