Hello friends, an android smartphone is build of applications, some apps may cause your smartphones keep restarting itself continuously, freezing, crashing and makes a device slow, at this time just reboot your smartphone to Safe mode to find out problems, and this post is about what is safe mode and how to enable it,

Safe mode

In general computer operating system safe mode is used to find the problems and when a system runs in safe mode only startup programs and drivers are loaded, as like the same in Android operating system to find the bugs whether it is apps or android system safe mode system feature enabled. In safe mode is like a newly purchased mobile, only system default applications are loaded and the third applications you downloaded are not able to access.

 To find problem safe mode option are used if the problems goes away in safe mode means, then conclude that recently installed application only having issue. During safe mode device has an watermark as ‘Safe mode’ in the device bottom-left.

How to Run in Safe mode

You can run a android smartphone in safemode by two-methods, the one is while your smartphone is in On condition and other method is during OFF condition, lets checkout each methods.

Device Switched ON

  • During device ON, press & hold the power button.
  • When an window opens Power Off & Restart option.
  • Press & hold the power Off option.
  • Now a new window opens “Reboot to Safe Mode”.
  • Click Ok and your device restarts in Safe mode.

Device Switched OFF

  • Just Power ON asusual using Power On button.
  • When the display lights up press & hold the ‘volume down key’.
  • Release the key after the device boots up.
  • For some devices press & hold the volume down key after the manufacturer logo disappears.
  • That’s it now your device booted in Safe mode.

Exiting Safe mode

After diagnosis just reboot to make your device back to yours, if you don’t see the restart options press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds until your device restarts.