Google offers to save our passwords each time signing an account in Google Chrome. Also, it needed for us to save our passwords since we can’t able to remember all our account passwords in all time. All passwords saved in your google account cloud storage. Now here are a Top 5 ways to protect your passwords that saved in your Google Account. Since it also, more important to protect all our credentials before it going to stranger’s hands.
Google Account has a Sync option that will let sync all passwords, browsing history, and searching history to your Google account cloud storage wherever your Google account logged in the devices like PC, Laptop, Mobile & Tablets. So, you can able to sync all your data at any computer by just signing to Google Chrome.  So, it really a needed feature.
Likewise, you can able to manage all your saved passwords in Google in different ways. Firstly, on mobile or desktop Chrome browser go the settings and passwords. Here you can able to see all your passwords saved in Google Chrome once you logged in your Google Account. Also, you can able to manage the list of saved passwords in web address by signing in your Google Account.
Also, as per the recent poll in the Social media, 65% of users are accepted that they are using the Google saved passwords option in the Google Chrome browser. Likewise, 35% tells “NO” for saving passwords in Google Chrome. 

Top 5 Ways to Protect Google Saved Passwords

  • The First thing is whenever you head into signing your Google Account to access your Gmail or any other service in public or friend’s PC never log in to Chrome Browser using Google Account. There is a difference between login to Google Account & login to Google Chrome. Login in to your Google account is just signing in the web address and log in to Google Chrome is directly authorizing your Google Account in the Google Chrome profile section. If you logged in profile section means all your saved passwords, browsing & searching history will be synced into the new device Google Chrome. So, whenever you use the third-party mobiles or computers use the Guest mode or Incognito mode respectively.
  • Then if you logged into the Google account through a web address means don’t enable this Sync option in the profile section and in the settings menu. Because, once you enabled sync option means, your all saved search history, passwords, will be synced with the chrome browser under Settings > Password option. So, it can be easily viewable to another person if a user just known the System password itself.
  • Then the next one is Whenever you log out from Google Account or Step out from the computer. Don’t forget to remove your profile from Google Chrome. This will remove all the synced passwords, Browsing history, search history from the Google Chrome browser. So, no user will able to access your data.
  • When you turn off the Sync option in Google Chrome settings. Please ensure to enable the check option to clear all synced passwords, browsing history & search history from the Google Chrome user. Similarly, you can do the same in the Google Chrome mobile browser also, if you want to completely sign out from Google Chrome. Also, don’t worry all the Google Account data will be saved in your Google Account storage so, it will not be deleted permanently. Once you logged in again, you can able to get back. But If you don’t checkmark that option means your Google account is signed out but all your passwords will be still saved in the Google Chrome browser. So, there is a chance to get your passwords of any of your saved accounts by just confirming the PC passwords.
  • Lastly, this is an important setting option which is called “Passphrase”. This option will encrypt all your saved passwords with your unique password so, once you enabled this setting option even Google will not able to see your passwords. Also, when this setting is enabled the web address also, will not show so no one can able to view or manage your saved passwords even if they know your google account passwords. Because, after login your Google Account in chrome you need to enter the passphrase password to enable the sync option. If sync option enabled only means, you can able to view, manage all the Google saved passwords.
To enable the Passphrase,

  • Firstly, log in to your Google Account in Google Chrome Browser.
  • Then, Go to the settings option.
  • Here, Tap on “Manage Sync” Option, and under Encryption settings.
  • Enable the option “Encrypt synced data with your own passphrase”.
  • After that set your unique password for Passphrase and that’s it.
Now every time after login your Google account you need to enter this passphrase password to enable the Sync. Then only, all the data in the Google Account cloud storage will be synced into every Google Chrome browser. So, by following all the above steps, you can always protect your saved passwords in Google Account from the Strangers.