Google announced a new update on Google Sign-in through a phone starting from March 18th 2020. Sign-In through the phone is one of the Google Sign-in option to log in to Google Account. Now in this article, I explored how to sign-in to google account without entering passwords also, about the new update regarding the google accounts sign-in by without entering passwords. 

How to Sign-in Google Account without entering Password

Signing into Google account is an important thing to check your Gmail account, viewing Google photos, manage saved passwords in Google and so on. So to access every service based on Google need a Google account login. Similarly, signing into google account using the sensitive passwords will not be more hassle-free. Therefore, Google brings the new option to sign-in google account instantly & at the same time securely using the Google Prompt Method through Phone. Now you can enable the sign-in using phone option to log in to the Google Account for each & every time. However, it compulsory that, Google account you’re going to enable this option should be signed in with the Android mobile for secure signing in to Google Account. Let find how to sign in Google account without entering the password,


Mobile Steps:

  • Firstly, go to settings from your phone & then tap on Google option.
  • If you’ve one or more accounts, select a account first, you need to set.
  • Now tap on ‘Manage your Google Account‘.
  • Here, select ‘Security‘ Option from the tab.
  • Now you’ll see the option, ‘Use your Phone to sign in‘ (If you not found that option, you might enabled the 2-step verification. Since, in both Use you Phone to Sign in & 2-step verification any one will be working at a time)
  • Tap on the option & confirm you identity with Google account username & password for one time.
  • After that, select the turn ON option.
  • That’s it. Now you can sign in your google account without entering the Google Account password.
  • Likewise, you can manage to add or delete the mobiles used to get the Google Prompt for sign in. (This Setting going to be revised from March’18, 2020)

New Google Update on Sign-in into Google via Phone 

Currently, Google allows the option to manage to add or delete the mobile phone on which the Google sign-in prompt needs to get delivered. But the new Google update on sign in through phone removed the option ‘Manage phones to Add or Delete’ feature. Therefore, right from March’18th, you’ll not be able to manage the phones instead Google will send the sign-in prompt to all phones where the Google account signed. Regarding this Google said,

“You currently use your phone to help you securely sign in to Google. Starting March 18, Google sign-in prompts will go to every eligible phone where you’re signed in. If you use phones that currently don’t get Google prompts, they’ll start getting prompts as long as you’re signed in and have a screen lock set. Because sign-in prompts are securely sent to all your eligible phones, you can get into your Google Account more easily. To stop getting prompts on a phone you share with other people, sign out of that phone. If you don’t want to get prompts on any of your devices, turn off Use your phone to sign in.”.