Google Account is a most widely used service among the user all over the world. The Google Account is one which manage all products under Google. For instance, Gmail, Google Search, Google Docs, Google Chrome and lot more. Similarly, Android is a one of the services by Google therefore, each Android smartphones are synced with Google Account. Well, this article about how to sign in to Google account without entering passwords also at the same time in securely.
As mentioned above to reach each service you’ll need to enter the Google account password. To avoid entering the password each time also, to save the time without compromising the privacy & security Google had the option.

Here are the steps to skip entering passwords to sign in on Google Account,

Method 1

Desktop users

  • Firstly, sign in to Google account by entering password.
  • After that, head in to Manage Google Account option.
  • Here, tap the Security tab option on the top.
  • Under security tab option enable the “Use Phone to Sign in” option.
  • If the option doesn’t exists ensure whether are you enabled two step verification. In-case it enabled just disable that. (No issue, two step verification similar protection has been continued by enabling on the next step)
  • Now it will show “Use Phone to Sign in” option just enable that by confirming the device default password.
  • Also, you can add or remove the phones to manage the Google Sign-in prompts.
  • That’s it now you can Sign-in Google account without entering your password by accepting the Google Prompt on mobile.
  • However, you can Sign-in with passwords also, by clicking on “Use another way” option on Google Sign-in page.

Mobile Users

If you are a mobile user, first Sign-in the Google account in to your android mobile. Then go to Settings > Google > Manage Google Account (Select the account you wish to change). After that, continue with the above steps. That’s it.

Method 2

This method will be helpful in-case if the mobile doesn’t have internet connection. Firstly, enable the above option and then continue with the below steps,

  • On the Sign-in page, select the option “More ways to Sign-in”
  • In that, select “Use your phone or tablet to get security code’ option.
  • After that, you’ll see the on-screen instruction and enter code box.
  • Now in your mobile (Google account signed) go to settings > Google > Manage Google account.
  • If you’re out of network it will show the option “Security Code” tap on that else, under mange Google account go to security tab and find the option “Security code”.
  • Now after confirming the mobile default password you’ll get two security codes.
  • Enter any one security code on the Google Sign-in page and you’ll be signed in without entering password.
That’s it, these are the two methods to Sign-in Google account without entering passwords. Also, this method will be fully secured and official methods brings by Google. Actually, this method had improved your privacy by hiding your default password to anyone by without entering. However, the above two methods can be helpful on both internet and no-network condition.