Shareit app is one of the best applications also, most used applications among users to transfer media, document files between phones and other devices like computers, laptops, tablets, etc,. But the Shareit app contains more ads & un-related videos in their feeds also, it’s unnecessary for an app with a primary feature of transferring media files. So, this article about, “How to Turn Off shareit ADS, Notification ads, Videos Completely” in Android mobiles. 

How to Turn OFF Shareit ADS

Firstly, to turn off the Shareit ADS completely I found a new trick that works pretty good so far. Also, to be note that its not an hacking and I not root any app or device to made this happen. Well, to disable ads in Shareit android application I used an android app so-called “App Cloner”. I have given the link of App Cloner apk below, since the App cloner normal version not available in Playstore instead, Premium version is available which cost Rs. 200 for lifetime usage. However, the usage of App Cloner is one time to just clone the Shareit application after that, you can uninstall the App Cloner app from your mobile. Similarly, you can uninstall the Shareit official app after cloning. 

App Cloner APK


App Cloner is an app that will feature to clone the apps into multiple times separately. App clonning means creating a muliple apps in similar alike two apps, two accounts feature on most mobile phones. Likewise, App Cloner is best for cloning the apps among the cloning applications. After installing the App Cloner apk from the above link, install Shareit app from play store if you not installed already and then follow below steps,
  • Firstly open the App Cloner application
  • In the apps list select the Shareit Application.
  • Now in the cloning page, just select “Tick” symbol button. 
  • After that, the cloning process will starts.
  • When complete, it ask to install Shareit, just install the application.
  • That’s it.
After doing the above steps correctly, now you’ll find two shareit application in your mobile app drawer, one is official app and another is clonned application. Now just open & view the clonned Shareit application, you’ll not see any ads in-app, no videos loaded and no notification ads in notification bar. Also, you can uninstall the Shareit official app & app cloner app and eventhough the clonned Shareit will continue working asusual without any ads. Also, the Shareit app is now faster than earlier. 
Fianlly, the tutorial gets end and its an easy method to stop the shareit ads completely in Android mobiles. Also, the Shareit app will work seamlessly fast and gives the best experience while transferring files between mobiles & other devices. Let me know in the comments below, whether it got worked for you with this method or not.