JBL C100 TWS is the recent bluetooth earbuds launch from JBL company. Here I explored the JBL C100 TWS bluetooth earbuds with it’s unboxing & reveiw. Similarly, I made a pro’s & con’s of this product so, let’s check out along with me for how the product performs. Before that, let’s find the specification of JBL C100 TWS earbuds. 

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JBL C100 TWS Earbuds Youtube Video

JBL C100 TWS Specification

The JBL C100 TWS earbuds designed in two color variant & this one is black also, in addition with White color variant is available. It priced for Rs. 3,999 via Flipkart. This earbud has come with charging case having a 400mAH battery and each earbud powers with 60mAH battery. The Charging case is chargeable through micro USB port also, it shows available battery level via a LED indicator. Both charging case & earbud designed in plastic material.

The Earbud comes with switch buttons with microphone in-built on each earbud. It equipped with 5.8mm dynamic driver with frequency response range from 20Hz to 20KHz. It connects through Bluetooth V5.0. Finally, it has 58g of total weight.

JBL C100 TWS First Impression

On the first impression, I really liked the JBL C100 TWS earbuds it comes along with the charging case, designed fully in black color variant with matte finish. Also, it look premium on viewing, by the way, on the physical overview on the top, JBL branding printed and on front side, three LED buttons are given, it notes as Charging indicator. However, this JBL C100 bluetooth earbuds not designed with digital charging level display via LED as like Wings Power Pods. (Wings Power Pods Bluetooth Earbuds Review)

Alright, now moving back to JBL C100 earbuds, on the rear side is equipped with a micro USB port also, it located openly and not covered with a cap. Finally, the whole charging case looks like semi-rounded in shape. Now opening the charging case, here located the pair of JBL earbuds on the charging bed on left & right. Similarly, the L & R mentioned on the earbuds too.. and moving to earbuds, it has a 60mAH battery and having switch buttons on each earbud. Also, the earbuds owning the LED light indicator and in-built microphone.  

JBL C100 Earbuds Overview

The JBL C100 earbuds doesn’t supported with ear hooks on the earbuds but even though it comfortly fits in to the ears. Also, this earbuds come in three diifferent sizes of ear tips along with the package. However, the earbuds is not in-ear type, it’s a on-ear type earbud. So, you may experience slightly un-comforable while using helmets on driving similarly, while sleeping it gives little pain when changing your sleeping pattern. 

The earbuds has good tactile function on switch buttons also, it free while pressing the buttons. Likewise, on wearing the earbuds on ear it doesn’t feel any pain on pressing switch buttons. The switch buttons on the earbuds supports function like switching next/previous track on music, attend/reject calls, play/pause song, and activate Google Assistant. However, the JBL C100 earbuds not supported for controlling the volume of media plays. 

How to use Switch Buttons?

  • To Play/Pause songs & connect/disconnect calls tap on Right earbud once.
  • To Switch to next song tap on Left earbud once.
  • To Switch to previous song tap on Left earbud twice.
  • To activate Google Assistant tap on Right earbud twice

As already said, this earbud not supported  for volume control option. But you can control the songs volume by using this JBL earbuds without taking mobile. For that, you can activate Google Assistant on the earbud by tapping on the right earbud twice and telling a commands like, 

Decrease the Volume,

Increase the Volume,

Decrease the Volume to Minimum,

Increase the Volume to Maximum,

Mute the Volume,

As per telling the above commands via Google Assistant will really helps you to control the volumes in hazzle-free. Also, this JBL C100 earbuds has good sensitivity on switch buttons & aggressive microphone quality. So, you can easily manage google assistant on the go… 

How it’s Audio, Call Quality

There are some of the mixed reviews on the design & functionality section but moving on to its audio quality, here JBL never compromises so, happens for JBL C100 earbuds. The C100 earbuds has awesome audio quality with powerful bass. You’ll experience the dedicated bass sounds on every frequency song from 20Hz to 20KHz. I heard both low-frequency & high-frequency songs and similarly, I heard in maximum & minimum sounds. But in all factors, the JBL C100 TWS earbuds outputs immersive audio quality that “I have ever Heard“. Therefore, in terms of music hearing experience, it’s a WOW moment for everyone. 

Likewise, on call quality, I speak more calls via this earbud, it really works well. Also, I tested in different locations in noisy condition but with the help of HD microphone, there is no issue on speaking calls via JBL C100 earbuds. 

How it’s Battery Consumption?

The JBL C100 charging case come with 400mAH battery capacity and each earbuds powers with 60mAH battery. So, regarding battery consumption, actually I continued hearing musics on this earbud for more than 5-hours on a single charge of each earbud. Similarly, after the earbud lost battery and you can again charge the earbuds via charging case and like this you can charge for up to 7 to 8 times. Therefore, on full charge of charging case along with earbuds will gives you 30 to 40 hours of continuous music playback. The battery consumption will be good for daily normal usage however, for this quoted price, I expect more than 400mAH battery on the charging case. 

JBL C100 Earbuds Pro’s & Con’s


  • Awesome Bass Effect.
  • Good Battery consumption.
  • Fit Comfortably.
  • Switch Buttons are responsive.
  • Compact Charging case.


  • Supports only right earbud if wish single earbud usage.
  • Play/Pause & call attend function available only in right earbud.
  • Device Not Usable if right earbud lost.
  • No Volume control feature on earbuds.
  • Charging case as only 400mAH battery capacity.
  • No Touch sensor.

JBL C100 TWS Earpods – Final Verdict

The JBL C100 TWS earphones priced for Rs. 3,999 and is available for sale through Flipkart. After experiencing the JBL C100 earbuds I end a review with mixed comments. But overall, what I say is, if you’re love to hear songs then, this earbud will help to continue on the same. But you have to keep it safe and take care while wearing these earbuds during traveling and so on. Because once you lost the right earbud and you can’t able to use these JBL C100 earbuds. Apart from this major con, it’s a good earbud in terms of design, battery and audio, call quality.