JBL Endurance Run BT wireless Bluetooth earphone is one of the product from the brand JBL which was announced recently. The JBL Endurance BT offers the best in class of audio quality, design, handling and of course it has a active noise cancellation feature. So, on recording audio or video through this JBL headphones will be crystal clear even though in the circumstance of noise. Let’s scroll down and explore more about the JBL Endurance Run BT wireless earphone in detail. Similarly, we had reviewed other bluetooth wireless earphones lets look on to it here

What’s inside the Box?

After unboxing the JBL Endurance Run bluetooth eearphone it contains the following accessories inside the box,

  1. JBL Endurance Bluetooth Earphone device.
  2. Micro-USB short cable.
  3. 3-pair of eartips. (1 pair in earphone)
  4. JBL earphone booklets.

JBL Endurance Bluetooth earphone Overview

The JBL endurance Bluetooth earphone is fully made of plastic material apart from both earbuds rear portion. Since it has the magnetic lock support to join both earbuds during idle time. However, the magnetic force is at the maximum response. After that, this earphone has on more additional feature so-called Length adjustment buckle. Meanwhile, it has sufficient wire length but also, further, you can adjust the wire length based on neck size using the adjustment buckle. 
It equipped with ear supporting hook on both earbuds is made of rubber material which is all gives the good holding on to the ears. Similarly, JBL claims this as FlipHook design using this design you can hold the earbuds into the ear in two ways like in-ear & behind-ear. The JBL Endurance Bluetooth earphone was designed in Green, Black & Yellow colors also, in addition, it has available in Black with Grey & Red with Grey colors.

Now moving on to the earbuds it build on inclined position for prefect holding on ears. The earbuds rear side mentioned with JBL branding and it has the magnetic lock between the two earbuds. Since it has magnetic lock support the earbuds rear portion is made of metal. Apart from the rear part other portion of earbuds are designed in the combination of plastic & rubber-like material. The earbuds are perfectly holding on the device even you run, walk or jump with the earphone. But one thing I noticed that it removes from the ear slowly while sleeping, or facing your head to downwards. Finally, the earbuds are having in-built with microphone.
The JBL Endurance Bluetooth earphone having two control boxes on is for media controls and the other one is equipped with a battery. The media control contains the three buttons and a micro USB port for charging the device and opposite to that notification LED located. It has the Multi-function button in-between the Plus & Minus symbol button.
On looking on to these Media controls, the Plus button having the function of volume increase & on holding the same button switch into next song while playing a song track in your mobile. Similarly, the Minus symbol button does the same function accordingly like decrease the volume & switch to the previous song. Of course, this function works in all song streaming services like Youtube music, Jio Saavn & Amazon Prime music etc. Now the center button plays the role of Play/Pause the song and also, attend/reject the calls.

Audio Quality: Best in All

In terms of audio quality, the JBL endurance Bluetooth earphone delivers good audio quality. It outputs louder volume having a minimum frequency response of 20,000Hz with Sound Optimization feature. It means even hearing at high-frequency songs with maximum volume the output sounds are awesome. Like, it has good vocals so-called mid-tones deliver the crystal clear voise also, on hearing you’ll feel the smooth sound quality. It definitely doesn’t rush the sounds into your ears but instead of that even at the higher volume, it outputs steady, controlled and smooth audio output. Therefore, no more irritation or pain while hearing the songs through JBL endurance earphones even for a long time.

In point of bass tones, it really performs well the bass tones having more beats like a boom. Similarly, the bass tones are not hard it also, feels the smooth audio quality. However, this wireless earphone differentiates the sounds of Mid-tones & bass tones which give the good feel of hearing high-quality kinds of music. Overall, on hearing through the JBL Endurance earphone feels you an awesome music hearing experience.

Call & Recording Quality: At the Best

Apart from music quality, the JBL endurance Bluetooth earphone are at the best in terms of call & recording quality. It has an in-built microphone that delivers good audio on the other side during speaking through call. Also, I have recorded the audio through this JBL earphone and its output is un-believable. The recorded audio is crystal clear however, the audio is recorded in the circumstance of TV & Fan sound. So, in terms of call & recording quality the JBL endurance earphone at the best. 

Battery: Last Man Standing

In terms of battery department, the JBL endurance Bluetooth earphone powers with 700mAH battery capacity and it usually takes about 40mins to complete the full charge. Regarding the battery, the company JBL claims that 6 hours of playback but what we have experienced & observed completely differs.
What we have experienced that, after a full charge we connected into mobile after that, we randomly hearing songs, watching YouTube videos. Now after 12-hours of full charge the JBL endurance Bluetooth earphone notifies as Low battery. Also, even after the indication, it continues to play the song, recording the audio. It’s like the last man standing.

Final Verdict

Finally, what we are trying to share about the JBL Endurance Bluetooth earphone are it has best features like,

  • Best in Music quality, good design and having lite weight.
  • It has lenght adjustment buckle for adjusting the wire length.
  • Best battery backup with more than 8 hours solidly.
  • Good Microphone, call quality.
  • Magnetic lock feature which attracts earbuds each other. 
  • Comfort on hearing & holding on to Ears.

To sum it up all, this JBL Endurance bluetooth wireless earphone will be the best in its price segment and valuable. It priced for Rs. 2540 and its available through Flipkart online shopping