JBL offers wide variety of headphones, speakers, sound bars, studio monitors, PartyBox and explore more range of sound related products at different features. In Headphone around the variety of models the JBL TUNE 160BT wireless in-ear headphones manufactured by Harman has featuring pure bass sounds, hands free calls, tangle free flat cable, magnetic lock support and son pure bass tells the company.

In the Box & Overview

The headphone contains Bluetooth headphone, 4 pair of ear tips including the one fixed in the headphone itself, an USB charging cable, safely instructions and user manuals out of the box and for physical overview this device about 10mm length, light weight and U type model of wearing in the neck and it has a 3 size of ear tips based on your ear size, it a in-ear headphone and it’s speaker head is small in size so it fits comfortably in your ear.

This headphones have a noise cancellation microphone in the 3 button remote control having three keys the Plus key for volume Up & works for Next song while holding and the minus key for volume down & work has Previous song while holding the key and the centre key is to switch ON and OFF the device also, to attend the calls & disconnecting the calls & play and pause function and in the side of remote controller the USB charging port is available the cap removal of charging port  is designed ergonomically and in opposite side has light indicator and it  flashes white light while charging & blue light when connected to  any devices. It made of plastic and light in weight and overall look it has good in design wise and this device has magnetic lock support while you not using the headphones but the magnetic lock works at one side only and the other side of head is not supported for magnetic field.

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Spec & Performance

The JBL 160 Bluetooth wireless headphone has a driver size of 8.6mm and it has frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz. Its Bluetooth profile supports for A2DP V1.2, AVRCP v1.5, HFP v1.5, HSP v1.2 and bluetooth version of 4.0 and above. This headphone has a battery capacity of 120mAh and it’s based on Polymer Li-ion 3.7V type battery and while reviewing the battery level it takes nearly 2 hours for full charge and for hearing music and talking via headphones it will withstand for almost more than 5hrs, comparing to other headphones at this price range it has better battery management.

Now moving to the audio quality of this headphone the company already said that it’s has pure bass effect and we accept that statement the bass of the music that comes in the frequency from 20hz to 200hz is very clearly audible to our ears it separates the bass sounds like guitars, violin, chorus vocals  and other background music’s from the song, for hearing almost they 2 to 3 days will feel that the base part of the music is very sensitive and it will hear clearly to you for low frequency song or high frequency song.

For hearing a song with bass effect is important but how much sensible is needed thing like for example image blurring in photography if blur level excess means the overall photo quality will spoils like that too much of bass makes the overall song noisier and you can’t feel that smoothness in the song especially for higher frequency audios, for low frequency songs like melody’s are good for hearing. The thing is both bass frequency sounds and the mid & treble frequency sounds are at same amount of volume this makes noisier effect while playing higher frequency songs and missed that natural essence in the overall audio quality. Then about the call quality here it works perfectly this headphone has inbuilt noise cancellation microphone

Other Features

The other handy features like auto power off when the device is connected from headphone and this is supported for connecting one device at a time and you can’t able more than one device with this headphone. For connecting to devices like smartphones, laptops, computers are hassle free it’s easily connected automatically when Bluetooth is enabled on both the devices and the overall length of the headphone is bitter lengthy.


  • Good Battery.
  • Bass effect is Best.
  • Design is good.
  • Good for hearing might someone dislike.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Noise cancellation is Best while calling & recording audio, video.
  • Auto Power off when disconnected.


  • Missing Natural effect for high frequency songs.
  • Too much Bass affects overall song quality.
  • Pairing accepted for One device at a time.
  • Plastic quality is not good.
  • Easy to Connect.
  • Might someone like for hearing high frequency songs.