OnePlus launched their recent flagship smartphone last month in that the most interesting feature is In-Display finger print scanning technology, OnePlus plus brings the best innovative technology in FPS by developing over a year and it unlocks the device in 0.341 seconds that makes faster & more reliable.

How it Works

When ever you decide to unlock the device by touching with finger in the finger print identification area in the OLED display the green light is reflected in the display before being detected by finger print sensor that placed inside the glass.

After touching the display, the finger print lights transferred into electronic signals and passes through sensor chip, this chip compare the current signals with the previous signal registered initially that will be stored in the Snapdragon 845 Trust Zone area. After verification the device unlocks the screen all this process will works in 0.341 seconds and to make the screen unlock more responsive follow this method.

Better Screen Unlocking Methods

  1. Confirm that your device is upgraded to latest version of Oxygen OS that brings the latest features and other improvements in the device.
  2. While registering the finger print initially check the surrounding lighting at good conditions, since registering at good light conditions is possible for better recognise.
  3. When you need to unlock the phone press you finger evenly in the device until the fingerprint match with sensor.
  4. Avoid dirt or dust in the finger & display this increases the recognition in the finger print sensor.
  5. Register one finger print to each finger print profile since the software takes more pictures from the same finger print to complete the profile, if adding more than one finger print in a profile will results in recognition failure.
  6. OnePlus always recommends original OnePlus screen protectors for better experience and also, if you replace the screen protector again re-register the finger print for best recognition.
  7. To make a finger print more accuracy register finger print in the dark because the screen unlock module is very sensitive to light so registering your finger print at dark place will improve the unlocking accuracy.
  8. In case of screen scratch or cracks re-register finger print for better access & for best accuracy keep your finger free from dirt.

This recent launch from OnePlus is the best security feature than all before launched devices and for more fast unlocking experience also, enable the face Unlock feature for instant screen unlock and this device also, supports PIN, Password & Pattern security unlock feature.