Android Developers options is an hidden options given from android for developers, it has more options to experience with the smartphones, before going to the article first know how to enable the developer options Here

Now checkout the options in details, developer option details is taken reference with Oneplus 6 device, but similar for all Android devices, may be few option no longer work.

1.Take Bug Report

This setting used for to capture the bug if any in your smartphone, bug report has two options to capture your bugs are Interactive Report & Full Report.

Interactive report used in under most circumstances, it allows you to track progress of the report, shows more details about the problem and take screenshots.The Full Report option used for minimal system interference when your device is unresponsive or too slow, or when you need all report section.

2.Stay Awake : Enabling option makes your smartphone screen to never sleep while in charging.

3.OEM Unlocking

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, by enable this option you can able to unlock the bootloader of your smartphones. Bootloader is always locked by the manufacturer in the newer smartphones to protect from Rooting, Custom ROM installation, but manufaturer allows the unlocking option officialy after user confirmation, also unlocking your bootloader can revoke your smartphone warranty.

4.Running Services

In earlier Android 4.2 versions this option is available in apps menu, but in the newer versions android hide this settings under developer options, now this option is used to analyse RAM usage of each application background process that is installed in your Smartphones.

5.Advanced Reboot

When you unlock the bootloader, this option allows you reboot to Recovery mode & Fast-boot mode in normal reboot.

6.USB Debugging

This is a development option used to copy files, apps from computer to your application without notification, to make this connection you have to connect the smartphones to computer via usb and enable this option in developer menu. It is a developer option, once you connected and give authentication to the computer it can access recovery & fastboot mode via ADB ( Android Debug Bridge ).

7.Wireless ADB debugging

The connection made without usb in android debug mode via commands. To connect you smartphone, open command prompt in adb folder by pressing Shift + Right Click and enter the following commands,

adb connect “your mobile ip address”

For ADB & USB debugging an seperate post will made in future with full explanation & commands.

8.Revoke USB authorisation

This option used to revoke all you previous authentication connection to computers in your smartphones, do this option if  you are connectecd in any public computers.

9.Mock Location

It is an intresting option that change your current location to any other desired location, just install any spoof location application in playstore and enable this option in developer settings, now change your desired location in your installed application, that’s it now your current location is changed to some other location, to check open google maps and locate.

10.Show Taps:It shows a small circle tap where ever you touch your smartphones.

11.Pointer Location

By enabling this option it show axis where we are touching in smartphone with X & Y axis.

12.Force RTL layout direction

It also an another intresting option, bu enable this option it will change the screen layout to right side, that means all options are moved to right side of your smartphone.

13.Windows & Transition Animation Scale

It is the animation & transition speed of your smartphone, by selecting this option & changing the value to minimum, makes your smartphone hardwares to make faster and you feel the speed of the windows transition, like opening a new application or switching to other application.

14.Simulate secondary display

By enable this option a small current display is displayed in the screen itself, you can change the secondary screen size to different aspect ratio.

15.Smallest width

This will change your overall font size including the system application, third party application & all system settings fonts to minimum or maximum as per the user selection. The increasing value change the font size to minimum & the decreasing value change the font size to maximum, but there is minimum & maximum dp level based on your smartphones.

16.Don’t Keep Activities : Enabling this option will destroy your activities, whenever you leave the application.

17.Background Process Limit

This option allows, how much process to run in background based on user selection, by default Standard limit is selected.

18.Strict Mode Enabled

This option makes your smartphone flash around corners, when application used long operation on main thread.

19.Show all ANR’s

This option makes your background application to ‘App not Responding’ when long time not used the application in your app drawer.

20.Inactive Apps

This options shows the full list of your applications in your smartphones, in that filtered with Active & Inactive tags on each application based on your recent activity.

21.Show layout bounds

By enable this option, it shows the full layouts diagram for each option available in the screen, like time, date, apps, back button, home screen button.

Try out these android developers options in your android devices and share your experiences via comments..