Motorola One Power based on Android One has comes with 6.2-inch FHD+ display with Notch design having 19:9 aspect ratio and made of metal finish. The One Power is powered with snapdragon 636 octa core processor with 1.8 GHz and 430 MHz Adreno 509 GPU for graphics and inbuilt in the board with storage of 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. And the device is skinned with Android One based on Android 8.1 Oreo and its upgradable to Android Pie Version. The Motorola One Power has mounted with 16 MP primary sensor with F/1.8 aperture and 5 MP secondary sensor with F/2.2 aperture for depth effect and has 12 MP with F/2.0 for front selfie shooter and packed with huge 5000mAh battery capacity.

Inside the Box & Hands On


Out of the box the Motorola One Power contains a 6.2-inch Moto Smartphone with Pre-applied protective case & protective film and USB Type C port cable with 15W Turbo charge adaptor, SIM ejector PIN, Quick start guide & Warranty cards etc.,

The Motorola One Power has comes with protective case, here Motorola brings a sturdy protective case that having more sturdy in all four sides and where the buttons are placed and removing that and holding on hands feels slightly slippery and it’s made of metal through out the device, in the top of the device has 3.5mm headphone jack by the side placed with microphone and in the bottom speaker grill and USB type-C port, in the right placed volume keys, power On/OFF button and in the left SIM tray having support for dual SIM with dedicated SD card option that supports up to 256GB.

The device front has 12MP Front camera, Proximity sensor, Ambient sensor, earphones and soft light flash housed inside the Notch and has Motorola branding with bottom Chin and, in the rear has dual-camera with LED flash placed centered in-between rear camera’s and beneath the camera finger print sensor placed with brand logo and having Android One branding at the bottom.

Design & Display: 7.8/10 (Solid Finish but more weight & Better viewing Angles)

The Moto One Power built with metal design throughout the device and having rounded edges in all four sides and having solid finish in the build quality but handling without the protective case it feels slippery slightly and it’s having about 8.98mm thickness it feels like bar in structure, the device is not designed as Slim fit also, holding the device feels more weight that about 205g since it having 5000mAh battery capacity but with this same spec Asus brings Max Pro M2 with less weight & slim fit design.

It has 6.2-inch FHD+ display at 19:9 aspect ratio with 1080*2246 resolution and having wider Notch design at the top but there is no option to hide/show the Notch and this may experience the layout issue with some apps that won’t support full view screen. The device has better viewing angles and accessing the option in the touch screen are more responsive and the screen is protected by corning Gorilla glass support but the company not mentioned the version.

The Moto One Power has the option Adaptive brightness feature that adjust the screen brightness based on the environmental condition and further you can move the slider as per your wish and adaptive brightness learn your preference. Also, it has Night screen option so viewing the display for longer time will never affects your eye from fatigue and you can customize the intensity as per your wish. There is an option to change the color mode of display with warm, neutral & cool based on your viewing experience.

Camera: 7/10 (Good Photo’s with Natural essence but, utterly fails in Low light & few software bugs)

The Motorola One Power has dual rear camera having 16MP primary sensor with F/1.8 aperture and 5MP secondary sensor at F/2.2 for portrait mode and so the rear camera is supported for portrait shot along with panorama, HDR & Expert mode. On capturing with the rear camera, it performs well in good lighting condition with having good natural color, rich in details and in HDR mode taking photos with direct sunlight the rear camera gives good details but slightly step down in the saturation that makes the overall photo like dark mode. In portrait mode also, having good details and has good amount of blur in the background but subject edges are blurred in some parts, the camera tries to soften the subject edges but only few area’s we observed the blurriness. And while taking picture in portrait mode it takes more time to optimize and automatically the camera application is closed, and Moto need to sorted out this type software related issues by an update.

The rear camera performs well in artificial lighting also, produce good colors since the device is based on Android One it will not over saturate the photo at any lighting condition, it produce the photo with respect to what’s available in the subject based on the lighting condition. The rear camera has support of recording a video up to UHD resolution at 30fps and due to stock android Time lapse and Slow-motion video recording are not supported for this device.

Then moving to front facing camera it has 12MP sensor with F/2.0 aperture and it supports for HDR mode, beauty mode, portrait mode. The portrait mode is achieved through software by lighting up the additional brightness to the subject to differentiate the subject & background and it seems to be works well selfie portrait also does good job in good colors, rich-detail, and good amount of blur but here also experienced same blurriness in subject edges in some area as like in rear camera but it won’t affect the picture overall quality. And in HDR mode here’s Moto fails again a software related issue that the HDR mode in front facing camera doesn’t give enough background details but the subject is clear with good details.

And capturing during low light condition the rear camera focus well and in view finder also we didn’t observe any noise but after capturing there is more digital noise in the photos that is visible in 1X digital zoom itself, has decent details in the picture but due to digital noise it spoils the overall photo. And you can use the LED flash to take the take decent photos even in low light, the Moto One Power has support for LED flash in both front & back.

Dolby Audio: 9/10 (Good Hearing experience even at higher Frequency)

Motorola One Power one highlighting feature is Dolby Audio and the sound quality features Intelligent Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Volume Leveler options using that it can optimize & customize the music quality by using Intelligent equalizer that having preset options like Open, Rich & Focused, each preset will produce the different sound waves that gives best sound quality comparing to normal audio output in both speakers & headphones.

By enabling the option Intelligent equalizer to open and enabling the volume leveler makes the output audio in correct volume and optimize the base & stereo of audio based on the song that enrich the song quality. The volume leveler is the important option that mainly control the volume level of audio and this helps to hear the base, Mid & Stereo sound effects in the audio.

We tested the Audio quality using the same headphone (JBL) in two smartphones like the Moto One Power with flagship device OnePlus 6 and we found the differentiation in audio quality that during high frequency songs the OnePlus 6 device sounds like stereo, bass & Mid are can’t able to differentiate while hearing and this conclude a chorus or highly stereo sounds but the Moto One Power enables the audio smoothness during high frequency also, this feels the audio clarity, audio details, smoothness in stereo sounds while hearing. And while comparing with disabling the Dolby Audio also, feels the highly chorus, noisy stereo sounds. And also, another important note that the Dolby Audio sounds are louder compared to normal audio sounds output. Finally, the Dolby Audio output quality in the Motorola One Power gives good audio hearing experience.

Performance: 8/10 (Fast & Smooth Stock Android Experience with few Gesture Control)

The Motorola One Power on board powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octo core processor with the combination of Quad A53 cores clocks at 1.61GHz speed and Quad A73 cores clocks at 1.80GHz speed for fluctuations between Energy saving and Power Efficiency respectively. And the processor is inbuilt with Adreno 509GPU for better graphics performance. The processor is combined with the on-board storage configurations with 4GB of RAM & 64GB of internal storage in that you’ll get 50.43GB for usage and further expanded up to 256GB of memory using dedicated micro SD card slot.

And the device is runs based on Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and the good thing is it has the update for Android Pie version without any customization, so the device has no any external feature implemented since it’s based on Stock Android and due to that you can experience the fast, speed & Smooth experience in the Motorola One Power. Every screen touch on options are more responsive and the application opening are done instantly without any lagging. And all the applications are loaded in single page and accessing of menu & home screen is as fast as user.

Based on AnTuTU Benchmark it scores about 116288 and defeated around 29% of users and the overall score lacks due to CPU & GPU compared with the Max Pro M2. The One Power is based on stock Android 9.0 Pie version so it’s lacks in some user experience features in terms of security & privacy, instant three finger screen shot, instant split screen mode shortcut, some shortcut options are missing in notification tab and other some handy features are missed in stock Android that What we experienced in Custom Android. And based on Geek bench it scored about 1338 & 4939 for single core & double core respectively.

Being it’s based on Stock Android the Motorola One Power has full fill few features for better user experiences like instant Google assistant in Home button by pressing & hold to activate and for each time pressing the home button it reminds the Assistant via UI Animation. And Power button ends the call, having search bar option in settings that is the handiest feature to manage the wished settings options instantly and also, note that this feature is not available in many custom OS related devices and has the option to enable the split screen mode by tapping on app icon in the recent app user interface.

Battery: 9/10 (Good Battery Consumption but feels more Weight to Carry the Device)

The One Power has packed with 5000mAh battery and chargable through Turbo charger a fast charging support, it takes almost 3 hours to complete from 0% to 100% battery. And based on our usage tha power consumption is very good we played higher end graphical games, continue playing for about 6 hours we observed few heating issue and the battery drain about 10% of average for each hour. And during standby alos, it performs well for 11 hours of standby the battery is reduced 3% of charge so, during idle time the power consumption is better using the Adaptibe battery feature.

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