OnePlus 8 series specs got revealed recently it confirms that, the OnePlus 8 Pro features with 120Hz of screen refresh rate display and having a QHD+ Super AMOLED panel. Not only that the OnePlus 8 Pro also, featured with a best 120Hz display panel having a good color accuracy, and adopt a new feature that can able to optimize a 30fps video content into 60fps 4K video by adding extra frames into the videos. Therefore, viewing normal videos on the OnePlus 8 120Hz display also gives you a good viewing experience. Yes, let find the features in detail, 

OnePlus 120Hz Display

Last year, OnePlus brings the 2K 90Hz screen refresh rate display on the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T & OnePlus 7T Pro smartphones. Similarly, OnePlus is the first brand, to bring this new innovation. OnePlus has partnered with Samsung for 90Hz display likewise, now again, OnePlus joins hands with Samsung for 120Hz screen refresh rate. 

OnePlus brings the latest specs to the AMOLED display in the industry. The display uses the latest generation of Organic Light-emitting materials with huge brightness of more than 1000 nits. Also, in addition, OnePlus brings the touch response rate of highest 240Hz for a higher responsive touch experience.
Regarding this Oneplus said that,

“Our R&D team also developed an exclusive optimization solution that can increase the rendering speed of a single frame with 7%. In testing, OnePlus’s 120 Hz display has yielded significantly better results than other existing high refresh rate displays in the industry on measures of click response, scroll response, and accuracy.”

Video Content in 120FPS

OnePlus had worked hardly with plenty of system optimization for apps to support full advantage of new 120Hz refresh rate. But, video content is more more challenging one since, most of videos are exported in 25fps or 30fps however, few videos are export in 4K 60fps. So, while playing 25fps video content on 120Hz display not gives the best experience as like 60fps video content.

To overcome this problem OnePlus adopts a new technology called MEMC to deliver smooth video playback. MEMC technology featured in high-end TVs that plays realtime algorithm adjustments to insert additional frames to video files. So, using this technology, now normal 25fps, 30fps video will play as 60fps & 120fps like videos in OnePlus new 120Hz display smartphone.

Regarding this OnePlus says,

“MEMC technology is more demanding in terms of computational power and algorithm processing, making it very difficult to simply carry over from TVs to smartphones. But by using a hardware-based MEMC solution, OnePlus has managed to elevate frame rates to 60 or even 120fps with low power consumption, providing a seamless, more fluid viewing experience for users.”

Color Display supports with 1 Billion Shades of color

OnePlus has further improved a 120Hz display by bringing the true color accuracy display. So, the OnePlus 120Hz Fluid AMOLED display supports with 10-bit color, providing 1024 shades of each primary color and 1.07 billion possible colors. This is 64 times many colors than current smartphone devices. 

Similarly, OnePlus achieved the industry-leading JNCD ratio of less than 0.8 for every frame of 120Hz Fluid AMOLED display. However, JNCD means Just Noticeable Color Difference. Its an indicator for detecting color accuracy in companies like display mate. In an industry currently, professional displays will have a JNCD ratio of less than 2 and some high-end models will have less than 1. But OnePlus brings a new 120Hz Fluid AMOLED display with less than 0.8 professionally. 
In order to achieve this industry-leading color accuracy standards, OnePlus, provided additional automatic color calibration machine to the production line by increasing extra 30 seconds in the production timeline. Therefore, each display will be calibrated with color accuracy on the production itself.