OnePlus 6 smartphone launched on June, 2018 a premium flagship range smartphone, it launched with most-anticipated among the users, after the success of OnePlus 5T the manufacturer comes with the new features like Notch display, minimum level bezel, Premium look, Glass back, Powerful snapdragon new SD 845 chipset processor. OnePlus also releases a special Avengers variant with a maximum of 8GB + 256GB specification makes a smartphone like beast, now this article explains the performance review of OnePlus 6 after 3 months of usage.


OnePlus 6 comes in   three variant of different storage (6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB) and different colors (Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Red, Silk White), also with special Avengers edition (8GB+256GB) with special armored back case. Now coming to the physical overview in the top it has secondary noise cancellation microphone and from the right side has alert slider given for changing the profile to ring, silent & vibrate mode, in the bottom it has a 3.5mm audio jack support & USB 3.0 port & a speaker and it right side it has a volume rider option & hybrid sim slot,  this sim slot has a support of 2 Nano sim’s (Dual 4G) only so there is no support of external storage SD card support it support only 2 Nano sim card and in the back side it has a dual camera set up with a flash  and a fingerprint scanner. In center of the camera a NFC support is given so this smartphone has NFC support and in back side has one plus logo is printed in the device. The build quality from OnePlus is always feels premium look as like OnePlus 6 also continues the streak but only glass variant is slippery from hands while using but the looks feels the great.

It has 6.28-inch AMOLED display with 2280*1080 pixel and 19:9 aspect ratio and it has 2.5D corning gorilla glass 5 support in both front & back side (Back side only for Mirror Black variant) and the device has curve edges in all four sides. This display has Notch support, but user can customize the notch by hiding or showing as per their wish. Moving to camera department it has 20+16 MP Dual rear camera with both OIS stabilization, it supports Super slow motion, Portrait mode, 4K Video recording. OnePlus 6 has Dual camera setup in rear, the main camera has 16 Megapixel SonyIMX519 sensor with 1/2.6″ shutter speed with an aperture size of F/1.7 with optical image stabilization. The second camera has 20 Megapixel SonyIMX376K sensor with 1/2.8″ shutter speed with an aperture size of F/1.7 and the front selfie shooter has 16MP with SonyIMX371 sensor with F/2.0 aperture size with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

In terms of hardware and software department OnePlus device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, it is an 8 core (Octo) processor and Adreno 630 Graphical processing unit, it speeds up the performance by 30% and lowers the power consumption by 10%, this chipset is capable for performing as faster than user, it has clock speed of up to 2.8GHz, with this chipset OnePlus installed a RAM memory of up to 8GB makes the device super-fast. This device has a custom operating system of Oxygen OS V5.1 based on Android Oreo 8.1 version, now from the recent update Android Pie with Oxygen OS 9.0 is upgraded with lot more improvements.

OnePlus 6 has a battery backup of 3300 mAH lithium Polymer battery with dash charging support and it has other features like Face unlock (0.4sec) and a finger print sensor (0.2sec), also a water resistant for the buttons & ports by creating a special type of foam layered the gap between the screen and battery and waterproof materials are used in buttons and finger print sensor to prevent damage from water.

The Speed that Never Settle

When a smartphone works as fast as like newly bought even when the storage space is full means, we can decide that a right hardware is used in that device, OnePlus 6 meets up this expectation with snapdragon 845 chipset with Adreno 630 graphical process unit makes every action on smartphones as lightning fast even when the storage space is full with more application running.

We can do all things a day by just charging rapidly for just half an hour, yeah surely if my device “OnePlus 6” has mouth it will cry definitely, since I’m running an website, using rapidly through out a day with any time data connection is ON, turning ON the hotspot to connecting to my PC, active in twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram with multiple accounts and managing each notifications from social media, google, websites, etc. also shooting an video in OnePlus 6 with 4K video support sometimes, all these things are done by just charging a smartphone with just half an hour.

Overall using the OnePlus 6 device for almost 3 months I’ll feel the difference than my previous smartphone device, that this device really like an “Last Man Standing” it manages all things as fast as user, but I would like one feature to be implemented in OnePlus device that is “An count down should goes before the smartphone shutdown due to battery down” because at that time we are enjoying in searching or researching some content in device that won’t allow us to connect a device to charge also, so if the countdown starts to shutdown means we alert to get connected to charging, my OnePlus 6 device shutdowns most of the time by this reason.

OnePlus Oxygen OS Best Features

The OnePlus 6 device runs based on custom operating system Oxygen V5.1, so it has more customization options for better user experience, in that the best features in OnePlus are explained below,


To use the device smoothly instead of using a buttons to go back and selecting a options, or opening a application instantly that we are using frequently, many more shortcuts that can help to use our device even faster and cool, gestures features are used in OnePlus 6 smartphone by using this user can get the target by just swiping the touch screen in different ways.

The most used gestures options in OnePlus is 1) Navigation gestures 2) System gestures 3) Screen Off gestures.

Navigation gestures

Replace the navigation bar in the bottom of the screen having three buttons Back, Home, Recent options by enabling the Navigation gestures, it gives a full screen view experience and navigate to home screen by swiping up from the bottom center edge of the screen, and navigate to previous page by swiping up from the bottom left or right to the top, and manage recent application by swiping up from the center of the bottom edge to the top and pause for a second.

How to Enable

  1. Go to settings
  2. Now scroll down and find the option Gestures.
  3. Now choose Navigation gestures in the list of navigation bar.

System Gestures

In system gestures you can get some customized feature like you can make the incoming calls ringing volume to silent by just flip the smartphone, and if you need to take a snapshot of something you like it in OnePlus screen means you can just enable the option Three-finger screenshot that can get your current screen as picture by swiping the screen with three fingers.

Now after the upgrade to Android Pie with oxygen OS 9 version in OnePlus 6 device a new feature is updated in system Gestures that can attend your incoming call by just raising the smartphone to your ears when the calls receive.

Screen-Off Gestures

Using this feature while you lock down your smartphone awake your screen display by just double tapping at any area in the screen while the screen in off condition, enable this option in the gestures settings menu, also when you are hearing music change the next or previous track by drawing the symbols (< >) when your screen off to change the track without unlocking your device.

OnePlus gives up to five alphabet words (O, V, S, M, W) as a gesture shortcut, choose your most wanted application for each alphabet in the settings and draw that alphabet during screen off to open that application instantly when your device unlocks immediately.

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Reading Mode

OnePlus had this customization especially for a reader, if you are most advanced users in reading content, blog post through your device means, to get protect your eye from the light rays from display you can enable this option for that particular application by selecting the option Add apps for Reading mode. After enabling that settings open the reading enabled application and see the transition to reading Mode display, the color accuracy can change according to the light conditions using adaptive brightness.

How to enable Reading Mode?

  1. Open settings and tap display option.
  2. In that select Reading Mode option.
  3. Now select the application in the Add apps menu.

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Ambient Display

One of the best features in OnePlus oxygen operating system, that I personally liked more is Ambient display features, using this feature you can see the clock and notification received recently introduced the display by just lifting up the smartphones without unlocking or even double taping the smartphone and also you can enter some message in display message settings if you think to don’t want to forget about that, so whenever you lift up the device that message is shown in display, it works like a easy remainder.

How to enable Ambient display?

  1. Open settings and tap display
  2. In display option select Ambient display.
  3. Now first enable the Lift up display menu.
  4. Then choose your clock style & enter any display message you need.
  5. Also enable New notifications menu to see the notifications in display.

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In OnePlus 6 device you can change the appearance by customizing the color as per your wish, the changes are take effect in your settings menu categories names, in the notification panel, volume slider display, power menu options list and in all the system user interface and also in some default applications.

To take effect, first change the settings of theme options from colorful to Dark or Light, the dark makes the appearance to fully black, and light will be like normal appearance. After changing the theme option from colorful a new menu Accent color will be active, now tap on that select your color as per your wish from the different colors, also select from the color palette, now you’ll see the effect changing of colors in the settings categories names, toggle option, quick settings in notifications panel.

Also just below you can see the option blink light, enable that and make customization of LED notifications color as per your wish like what color you like to prefer for any default notifications, when a battery is full or when a battery is low or while charging different colors will blink in the sensor.

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Face Unlock Accuracy

OnePlus 6 has a security lock finger print scanner and face Unlock feature, for face Unlock OnePlus 6 device uses camera to recognize face, but when you are in darker area or in night time it’s difficult to unlock your device using face Unlock feature, to overcome this issue OnePlus make a feature update via software using an option “Face Unlock Assistive Lighting”.

By enabling the option, when your camera not able to recognize, that time a white light is flash in the screen to help the camera to recognize your face and unlock in a fraction of second, as like the latest technology used for face unlocking feature called Infrared rays lighting.

How to Enable Face Unlock Assistive Lighting?

  1. First go to settings.
  2. Now scroll down and select the option Security and Lock Screen.
  3. Now tap the option face Unlock and enter your password to enter.
  4. Now find the option Face Unlock Assistive Lighting and enable it.

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Other Utility Features

The OnePlus 6 also an additional handy features that can help in the regular usage for users, the features are pocket mode, quick pay, parallel application, gaming mode, Call recording, App locker, Hidden location for application in OnePlus 6 launcher.

The pocket mode is used to protect from accidentally screen touches when your phone in your pocket, quick pay option is the initiative with paytm application to make payment to a store or any paytm account instantly, when your device in locked state just long press the fps, now your device unlocked and the Paytm application opens and go the pay to customer page directly.

Also a parallel application, this option used to clone the application for the second account usage in that application, but selective application is only eligible for parallel apps option by default. Gaming mode option for gamers to play the games without any obstacles like notifications, calls like that when you receive a call it will connected directly to the phone speaker without disturbing the game, also you can hide the notification or you can make the settings as by enabling only text notifications to receive.

A default call recorder features is there in OnePlus 6 device, while you make any outgoing call and incoming or any recording any specific mobile numbers calls can be recorded, enable this option at default OnePlus contact application and navigate to settings, find for the option call record.

OnePlus 6 also a default app locker feature in settings > Apps & Notifications menu, add the application you want to make that application to password protected, you can unlock the application with a finger print scanning for faster access, the password for application is same as you given for the device to unlock. Also you can hide your application in the OnePlus 6 launcher in the hidden space in app drawer itself.

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OnePlus Updates & Support

Even with the all awesome features, there is a best experience for each user who owns OnePlus device is,  the support & updates you’ll receive from the team is the best than any other manufactures, OnePlus provides up to 2 years’ security updates from the date of launching, and they research & update frequently when any bugs have been experienced by a user through a OnePlus community. Recently OnePlus updated the OnePlus 6 smartphone to the latest Android 9 Pie version also with their custom OS to V9.0 also they are upgrading these updates to OnePlus 3T & 5T soon, these devices release 2 years back but soon they upgraded to latest version, but many smartphones are still didn’t upgraded to Android Oreo also.