The Android Q beta version is already supported with OnePlus 7 Pro & 7. Its currently in the early stage of development. However, we already tweeted the known issues of Android Q beta upgrade in OnePlus 6 via Twitter. In the line of update now, OnePlus 7 Pro & 7 get Android Q Developer Preview 2 update.

This recent announcement announced officially through the community. Since, the Android Q preview in the developing stage, therefore, its need to consider before flashing. Similarly, it was supposed to have issues in the device and it may lead to Bricking your phone. In conclusion, here are some known issues upon installing the Android Q DP version.

Known Issues

  1. Reading mode doesn’t work
  2. Display mode doesn’t work
  3. The verification window can’t pop up in WIFI anonymous connection
  4. Low probability of having stability issues

Note: This upgrade is only for OnePlus 7 Pro & OnePlus 7 devices. Also, remember that the battery level should be a minimum of 30%.

How to upgrade to Android Q DP version

  • Download the latest ROM upgrade zip package from the link below.
  • Copy the ROM upgrade package to the phone storage.
  • Go to Settings -> System -> System Updates -> Click top right icon -> Local upgrade -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> upgrade -> System upgrade completed to 100%.
  • After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  • The phone will boot into recovery mode to format user data, it will reboot again after formatting.
  • Update successful.

Upgrade to DP2: OnePlus 7

Upgrade to DP2: OnePlus 7 Pro

How to rollback to Stable version

After that, if you decided to rollback to the stable version of Oxygen OS based on Android Pie. Follow the above steps but download the below rollback package for a local upgrade.

Stable Version of Android Pie: OnePlus 7

Stable Version of Android Pie: OnePlus 7 Pro


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