OnePlus introduce a new feature Night scape mode in their recent flagship launch OnePlus 6T smartphone by bringing the Oxygen OS version 9.0.2 with Android Pie out of the box. This update has a new Night scape feature in camera, studio lighting effects, New navigation Gestures v2.0 and Android security patch for the month of November to avoid vulnerabilities. After the launch of OnePlus 6T the same oxygen OS 9.0.2 OTA update received for OnePlus 6 device also later.

The both OnePlus 6 & 6T has same camera Hardware setup but while launching 6T OnePlus just implemented new modes in the camera department via software update. The OnePlus 6 & 6T has dual camera setup in rear the primary camera has 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor with maximum 1 /2.6 F-stop number and the secondary camera has 20MP Sony IMX376 sensor with maximum 1 /2.8 F-stop number, the dual camera has an aperture size of F/1.7 and 4.25mm focal length with optical image stabilization support.

For the first time OnePlus implemented this Night scape mode to make better photos even in the low lighting conditions along the studio effect feature also, this feature is available in recent launch of Google Pixel 3 XL & iPhone XS. OnePlus share the information about the Night scape in the forum says that implemented this feature by optimising through adjust the exposure time automatically so that shaking can be avoided and optimize the anti-shaking algorithm through optical image stabilization to reduce the shaking on the final photo. OnePlus also, try their best to keep the more details and more colours as possible in the night shots.

How Night scape Works

Generally any smartphone camera works based on the light availability to the sensor, if having a good lighting the photo will come out better as per the camera specification but in low light or night time the camera automatically tries to increase the ISO speed to make the photo brighter increasing the ISO speed will increase the sensitivity of the camera sensor that results in brighter photo but more increasing ISO makes the photo more noisy.

OnePlus Normal Mode vs Night Scape Mode

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This Picture is shot on Normal mode with exposure time of 1/4 sec in F1.7 aperture with 4mm focal length, due to low light condition, the camera tries to improve the photo brightness by increasing the ISO speed to 9600 results in digital noise & no detail in the picture.

This Picture is shot on Night Scape mode with exposure time of 3 sec in F1.7 aperture with 4mm focal length and ISO speed is calculated as 1250, since the exposure time is high so maximum light pass through the sensor so ISO speed comes to minimum value results in good picture with maximum details.

This Picture is shot on Normal mode with exposure time of 1/4 sec in F1.7 aperture with 4mm focal length & 9600 ISO speed.

This Picture is shot on Night Scape mode with exposure time of 3 sec in F1.7 aperture with 4mm focal length and 1250 ISO speed.

OnePlus works on camera based on manual mode with pre-defined settings with auto exposure time of maximum 3 seconds, auto focus and auto ISO settings to a dedicated mode called Night scape. The user can access this mode by just going to the default OnePlus camera application and swiping towards right to the option Night, once you set you are ready to take photos in low light conditions. This Night scape mode slow down the shutter speed to increase the exposure time to receive more lights to the camera sensor and based on the light received to the sensor it automatically adjusts the ISO value to increase or decrease and the F1.7 aperture size used to capture the details in the light, makes the photo output quality sharp, crisp and colourful in the low lighting conditions.

In the above two picture both are shot in Night scape mode but the picture quality is different from each one also, both shot on same exposure time of 3 seconds in F1.7 aperture with 4mm focal length but the ISO speed is differ, the first photo is shot on 1600 ISO speed & the second photo at 1250 ISO speed this variation is made because of camera shake or may be object motion or the street light rays are passed to the sensor while capturing. Due to larger ISO speed the first photo quality is not as better than second photo. So in Night scape mode capturing the photo without camera shake is very important and also night scape mode is not capable for capturing faster moving objects.

Motion Blur Pictures using Night Scape Mode

The Night scape mode is used to capture photos in low light other than this mode is used to capture the motion blur pictures also in the default camera without applying any additional filters.

Being a good capturing in low lighting this mode works in day light or good lighting also, as already mentioned by OnePlus in the forum this modes increases the colour to next level compared to the Normal mode capturing and the night scape is not suitable for capturing all type of scenes since they adjusting the exposure time automatically so you can’t able to shot a fast moving subject through this mode but can still try for motion blur pictures with the help of Night scape mode.

Bokeh Mode vs Night Scape Mode

This picture is shot on OnePlus portrait mode in F1.7 aperture with 1/20sec exposure time & 4mm focal length and shot on 2500 ISO speed.

This picture is shot on OnePlus Night scape mode in F1.7 aperture with 1/10sec exposure time & 4mm focal length and shot on 1250 ISO speed.

The above both pictures are taken at same lighting condition but the outputs differ from each other since the bokeh effect uses minimum exposure time with higher ISO speeds make the photo quality bright but details are missing in the edge of the subject and sharpness is missing and on other side night scape takes more exposure time with minimum ISO speeds make the overall photo subject is very clear in details, rich in colours & sharp finish.

Depends upon the lighting condition the night scape mode automattically adjust the exposure time to capture the best shot with details at any lighting and also, the camera should be steady then only exposure works with maximum timing of up to 3sec, if camera or hand shake happens means the night scape will not work. So to get best low light photos, I’ll recommend to take photos using tripod or gimbal. Otherwise night scape will not work and details in the pictures are affected. OnePlus achieved this implentation via software update without any hardware changes and we expect the continual improvement in the Night scape mode with hardware upgradation in the upcoming OnePlus devices.