OnePlus earlier announced the OnePlus Concept One said to be presented at CES 2020 Las Vegas, US. Now OnePlus presented the OnePlus Invisble camera phone at the CES 2020 conference yesterday. I have wondered about this new take of technology however, OnePlus made this new innovation with the help of Electrochromic glass. OnePlus has just got inspired from the McLaren 720s car sunroof glass to built this Invisible rear camera.

OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus Concept One is a prototype phone presented at the CES 2020 conference. However, OnePlus designed this Concept One prototype phone using an OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition. Therefore, apart from the rear portion of prototype other specs & features are similar to Oneplus 7T Pro. Likewise, the OnePlus Concept One still equips with the POP-UP camera and curved display on the front side. 

The OnePlus Concept one rear panel is designed in papaya orange color stitched with leather material. The leather material stitched around both sides of the invisible camera lens on the center. Similarly, OnePlus again partnered with McLaren and got inspired by the McLaren 720s car model, by using a car seat material as rear panel design and sunroof glass to make the cameras invisible. 

OnePlus Invisible Camera

Has said, OnePlus used the McLaren 720s car sunroof glass material to hidden the triple rear cameras and LED flash. OnePlus said, with the help of Electrochromic glass it changes the glass from opaque to transparent. The electrochromic glass used above on the camera lenses is about 0.35mm thickness and however, its tinier than the glass used on the McLaren 720s car. Actually, the electrochromic glass changes the color from dark (Opaque) to clear (transparent) with a minimum amount of voltage. The electrochromic glass switch between opaque and transparent based on opening the camera application likewise, it switch in 0.7 seconds so, it instantly activates when opening the camera application. 

Apart from hiding the rear cameras, the electrochromic glass has inbuilt ND (Neutral Density) filter which means, in addition, to Opaque, transparent, the glass can also become semi-transparent. Therefore, it controls the lights passing to the camera lens. The Neutral Density filter neutralize the outer lights, colors into a grey scale So, now the camera allows capturing in longer exposure and larger aperture even in the bright sunlight condition without making the photos over-exposure. The OnePlus Concept One inbuilt with an ND8 standard filter also, it can be enabled with a dedicated option. To enable that, you need to enter the OnePlus Pro mode in-camera after that, it has an option so-called ND8. Just tap on it and now take photos even in brighter lighting conditions.

How OnePlus Invisible camera Works?

OnePlus used electrochromic glass to hide the camera lens by switching the glass from opaque to transparent. In general Electrochromic glass is used in rich hotels, luxury planes and in premium cars to control the sun rays. However, Oneplus used a McLaren 720s car electrochromic glass in OnePlus Concept phone. The Electrochromic glass is made of two glass in-between two electrodes are separated on each side of the glass. Each electrode is made of different chemical particles. When a small voltage applied, crystal particles moves from the inner electrode into the outer electrode and make the glass into Opaque. Again passing an amount of voltage, the crystal particles move back to the inner electrode and the glass became transparent. 

By using, the above theory OnePlus Invisible camera technology works by open & close the camera application. The prototypes shown at CES 2020 is not an retail unit, OnePlus showcase the technology in their earlier launch of OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition. Also, OnePlus said, it takes almost 18 months to built the electrochromic glass technology on OnePlus smartphones. However, OnePlus will use this technology in their upcoming smartphones but, OnePlus has not given any timeline of the product launch using this technology. Also, Finally, OnePlus said, it can be developed further and make using this application in any other way.