OnePlus announced today about the new smart TV launch in India on an affordable price range. The new OnePlus TV launch in India on 2nd July and as per the Ishan it might come in two models in the price of Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 segments.  So, OnePlus may launch the 32-inch & 43-inch models this time in the new OnePlus Smart TV.

Recently OnePlus enters the Smart TV category with the debut launch of OnePlus Q1 & OnePlus Q1 Pro Smart TV. Both models are priced for more than Rs. 50,000 price segment but this time the brand comes into the budget segment line in Smart TVs also, the brand planned to launch the lite version OnePlus 8 model in Smartphone. The OnePlus Z is the OnePlus Lite smartphone it could be priced for around Rs. 25,000 and which is also, might be launched on the same day of OnePlus new Smart TV launch or on July 10th.

Similarly, OnePlus will launch the OnePlus Wireless Earphones in July month. Therefore, in July month, OnePlus totally launching 3 Products in India, OnePlus affordable new Smart TV, OnePlus Z Smartphone, and OnePlus wireless earbuds. Meanwhile, what you guys think about the budget segment Smart TV and Smartphones let me know in the comments below,