OnePlus Software Expert revealed the features of OnePlus 6T

OnePlus Oxygen OS

Recently OnePlus upgraded OnePlus 6 to Android Pie version including their custom operating system from version 5.1 to 9.0, more new features included in the new Oxygen OS like Emergency Rescue, settings menu organized with search option, new rounded corners across UI, added extra features in DND mode, recent apps arrangements, storage manager, gesture options, file manager features improved, adding some more advanced options in the developers menu, updated OnePlus contacts application version from V2.2.0 to 3.1.0, it feels the difference in new contact names UI, gallery application also updated from version 2.6.78 to 2.8.45.

In the recent interview with OnePlus software expert Szymon K with few pointers of user experience lead Crayon Hsieh about the OnePlus 6T, Android Pie, Oxygen OS in the OnePlus community forum.

Above all else, software should serve the needs of its users. That means developing software is a process of continuous evolution and adaptation. As the needs of users change, so too does the purpose of our software. Two things have remained universal throughout the development of OxygenOS – “Fast and Smooth”. We spoke to our resident software expert @Szymon K. , with a few pointers from User Experience Lead Crayon Hsieh, to talk OxygenOS, the OnePlus 6T, Android Pie, and more.

OnePlus 6T features

They revealed few points about the upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphones, that the user can expect the new UI in the oxygen OS, but two things Fast and Smooth will remained universal. Also, the expert reveals there is a upgrade in camera behind the scenes, that users can expect the better picture quality in OnePlus 6T.

In the software department OnePlus created a new FSE team that means Fast, smooth & efficient for faster and smooth user experience and also, they said that as like the new Advanced Do Not Disturb mode & new navigation gestures, a couple of new features is implemented for better user experience in the upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone. Also, the team worked out on number of optimizations to the power consumption of Oxygen OS making use of the Snapdragon 845. They added AI algorithm that learn the phone when the user sleep based on that they clear the background process and consume the power accordingly. There is a rumor and few pictures leaked out in the internet that OnePlus 6 has a 3700 mAH battery capacity, but let see for official confirmation from OnePlus 6 team.

 OnePlus 6T has a improved navigation gestures for natural experience whenever the user swipe up from the bottom in the application, the application window will follow your finger, they improved navigation features in two ways also it’s an update too, in the OnePlus 6 while using Navigation gestures you can’t able to switch between 2 recent apps and not able to instantly access the Google assistant, in the upcoming OnePlus 6T has update for this issue, by quick flick at the bottom of the screen to the right of the screen you can switch between two apps, and the new action for Google assistant by holding the lock button for 0.5 seconds will activates the Google assistant instantly these two feature is the great substitute for navigation buttons.

The OnePlus 6T rumors it may be 6.4-inch screen and with In-display FPS technology, since the screen size gets bigger and bigger, so OnePlus team decides to make a full of gestures control around the screen, so they tested around 1000 times of swipe to ensure the natural motion.

Crayon: As displays get taller and taller, we want to find a way that users can continue to navigate their phones with one hand. So, that’s why we implemented full-screen gestures. We spent a lot of time tweaking every animation. Every swipe was tested over 1000 times to ensure the motion felt natural.

OnePlus user experience lead Crayon tells that, based on user experience in mind the software vis developed and we are ensures that single actions can complete the task as soon as possible, as like off screen gestures and quick pay option in OnePlus 6 they trying to reduce the number of taps required for an action in the OnePlus 6T, let’s we check as we get any interesting features as like Off line Gestures & Quick pay.

Crayon: From a software perspective, our goal is to help users to finish their tasks as soon as possible rather than trapping users in our system. We always keep this concept in mind. When users open one app, how can they recognize what they need to do, and move on to the next step? When they’re done, we want to encourage them to get off the phone and embrace the real world. Smartphones should serve our life, not dominate it.

OnePlus 6T Launch & Pre-booking

After the success of OnePlus 6 flagship smartphone the OnePlus team again back with an new upgrade of flagship OnePlus 6T the makers launching two devices yearly upgrading each year with new technology and concentrating on for better user experience, and it’s time for their new launch that almost ready to deliver the new flagship smartphones on October 30th at pier 36 in New York, 11AM, EDT also India launch will take place at the same day at KDJW Stadium, inside Indira Gandhi sports complex, in New Delhi, 8.30PM

OnePlus team opened up the Pre-booking in India through Amazon India & offers gift card of Rs.1000 also you can get the new bullets Type-C earphones worth Rs.1490 and also a cashback of Rs.500 as Amazon pay balance.

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