The OnePlus Wireless Charger confirmed to be launch on OnePlus 8 series launch event on 14th April. As we already knew, the OnePlus 8 Pro this time features with Wireless Charging support up to 30W Warp charging as like wired fast charging. According to that, the OnePlus launching the OnePlus Wireless Charger indeed featured with 30W Warp fast charging and also, supports universal Qi-compatible. 

Why OnePlus not used Wireless Charging these days but, now

Earlier in a meeting & in many OnePlus events already conveyed that, even though, having a glass body if bringing the OnePlus wireless charging is not that much efficiency charging speed as like wired warp charging during that period. However, OnePlus continuously working on that to bring wireless charging which will be best for consumers. In the same vein, now OnePlus 8 Pro supports 30W fast wireless charging also, brings the OnePlus wireless charger with a 30W warp charge that charges 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. 

New Technology on OnePlus Wireless Charger

The OnePlus Wireless charger uses the two latest technologies, Charge Pump & customized chip in the Warp Charger to achieve fast charging speed & to protect from overheat, overvoltages issue. So, OnePlus used the Industry first Isolated charge pump to ensure the charge efficiency of 97% and to reduce the heat on charging. It’s like a switch function that automatically deactivates the charging when abnormal currents and voltages are detected otherwise, it improves the charging speed. Therefore, the phone will charge in safe & stable. 

Next with the help of customized chip on the Wireless Charger enables the realtime communication between the wireless charger and the phone. Also, to improve the charging efficiency and maintain a high power charge for longer. The Chip mounted on the charger controls the current and voltage to maximize efficiency. So, by combining these two technologies OnePlus assuring the 30W fast wireless charging through OnePlus Wireless Charger. 
Also, as like other wireless chargers, OnePlus Wireless Charger also compatible with Qi wireless charging. It supported with 5W Qi-Wireless charging for other devices. Similarly, other wireless charger with 10W EPP standard will be able to charge OnePlus 8 Pro at 10W fast wireless fast charging. 
In addition, the OnePlus Wireless Charger alleged news says that, it equipped with cooling fan inside the wireless charger also, supports AI sleep mode which automatically turn off the fan at night. Likewise, it supported with dust detection & overheating protection. The OnePlus Wireless Charger will be indeed launch in India along with OnePlus 8 series launch. Also, one more product OnePlus Wireless Earphone Z is likely to launch on the same day.