Google was founded in 1998, is an American Multinational Technology company that specializes Internet related services and products, which includes online advertising technology, cloud computing, search engine, software and hardware. Google develops the Android operating System and now it ruling the world. Currently all the smartphones works under a Android OS, and to do a initial setup in a new mobile, you need a Google account and it use google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Photos, Activity, Maps, YouTube, Contacts so all your activity, photos your saved passwords are accessing through your User account.

2-Step Verification

Two-Step verification is a second authentication for user via one time password, Prompt, Authenticator application to get protected from hacking, to create a new account you need to enter your basic details,mobile number for one time verification.While creating a new account you have to enter a recovery email address to reset their passwords if their forgotten or Hacked. Google offers additional security 2-Step Verification.

Why you Need?

Its so easier than you think to steal your passwords by 

  • Clicking on email messages
  • Entering the passwords in more than one computers or device.
  • Downloading software from Internet
  • Clicking adds.

Also imagine when a bad guy stolen your passwords, they lock you out from account and do like,

  • Accessing your mails,photos
  • Get your check in and activity all you done these days.
  • Pretend to be you,send unwanted or harmful email to your contacts.
  • Use your accounts to reset your other accounts like Banking,Social websites,Shopping.

2-Step Verification help to keep bad guys out, even if they have your Google Account Password.

How it Protects

Stronger Security for your Google accounts,with 2-step verification protect your account with both Passwords and Mobile.If a bad guys hack through your password layer,he still need your mobile or password key to login to your account.


  1. Get codes via Text messages.
  2. Google can even call your mobile.
  3. Add backup phone numbers to receive text messages,if your phone not available.
  4. You can print and Download one time use Backup codes from Google.
  5. Register your Computers to not use 2-step verification.
  6. Install Google Authenticate app for Android,iOS,Blackberry to generate verification codes.It even works when your device has no phone number and internet connectivity.
  7. Instead of using verification codes you can insert a security key to your computer port’s for even more protection against Phishing.

How to Enable?

  • Firstly go to MyAccount  of  your Google Account and select Sign & Security. 
  • Now go down and click on 2-Step Verification.

  • Now click on Get Started and again verify your Account with Password.

  • Enter the Phone number for Account Security and select how do you want codes.

  • Now click Turn ON.

  • Now you get a text message from google after entering password to login your account.

  • That’s it your account is enabled for 2-Step verification.

Alternative 2-Step Verification 

Has discussed features above, by using four methods you can sign in alternatively, after enter the password , officially signed in device get Google prompt , click YES to authenticate.


Google is a bigger Internet search engine and Marketing service, there are many advantages in that, but in other side using your account, hackers can do anything that you cant imagine so protect your account to always be secure and enable the 2-step verification, are you know only 10% of Google users using this feature in India. Share this article to your friends and give aware about to get protected from hacking.