After, Xiaomi now Oppo brings the under-display camera technology innovation. Introduced the latest technology at MWC19 in Shanghai, China. Oppo under display camera technology has been achieved by using the perspective panoramic screen in display.

Oppo under Display Camera


Oppo is well-known for great innovative products, last year they launched Oppo Find X. It has automatic sliding for the front camera. Not only Oppo all brands are thinking for a new solution to bring the full view display. Recently Xiaomi has released theirs under display camera technology.

Similarly, the brand this time claims that it could be the ultimate solution. Currently the device in prototype phase so, it looks very thick in size. Meanwhile, Oppo brought the latest solution for full-screen display using perspective panoramic screen.

It combines the small screen above the camera module, high-transmission screen, and optimization algorithms to ensure the integrity of the screen while keeping the display body thin. The small screen above the camera will switch to the camera mode when switching to selfie mode. During that time, allowing the light to pass through the camera sensor.

Oppo Under Display Camera

is very obvious

Above the camera, a small screen is designed alike notch design. Certainly, when you don’t take a picture you’ll feel the impression of the small screen in full viewing screen. It feels like a layer of Gaussian blur is added in that particular area. It seems that existing transmittance glass is still not good.

In Front, the camera is separated by a layer of frosted film. The impact of screen camera on the front is still quite obvious. Especially browsing the wallpaper or photos is very obvious. There is a unique impression of a separated layer in the form of a blur. According to the officials, the problem of fuzzy fogging of some shooting images is solved by algorithm post-processing.

Multi-Algorithm Optimization

In general, light passing through the screen will be lost. Therefore, the actual light received by the camera under the screen is less than half of the normal condition. Which makes the photo easy to color & fog. However, Oppo used the white balance, HDR, AI to fog “multi-algorithm” to ensure the maximum picture quality.

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