Oppo is a brand for great innovation of new mobiles with new technology and great user experience for consumers. Last year they released the Oppo Find X mobile with Sliding camera module for the World’s first time. Similarly, they showed the under-display camera mobile in the recent Oppo Innovation event. In the line presently, Oppo exposed the World’s first waterfall screen mobile today.

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Oppo Waterfall Screen

The Oppo waterfall screen mobile is the complete bezel-less smartphone having a curved screen at both the sides of edges about 88-degree. At the upper & chin are completely reduced to the thin bezel.

Similarly, the new exposure of Oppo mobile has removed the physical buttons like power button & volume rockers. Instead of that, they go for virtual buttons on the screen itself.

Oppo has released the video of Oppo waterfall screen mobile. According to the video, the physical overview shows that at the top having power or screen on the button. However, there are no physical or dedicated buttons on both sides of the mobile.

The right & left side of mobile are having an extended display with flexible screens built at 88-degree curved at both sides. Next, at the bottom USB Type-C port, downwards speaker grille & SIM tray slot has been located.

AMOLED Flexible curved display

Next, moving to its display it has the screen size of about 6.48-inches with AMOLED flexible screen. The display has a curved screen at both sides of about 88-degree which almost equals to right angle. It delivers the completed bezel-less mobile having a slender bezel at sides.

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The Oppo waterfall screen curved display shows the content as well while sliding. It gives the immersive feel experience for users because where the content on the screen goes slowly down via a curved screen like a waterfall.  

In terms of Camera, the physical overview based on video seems to be there is no placement of a camera at the front side. Similarly, the screen on the button may be located at the top therefore, there is a chance of under-display camera in this new Oppo waterfall screen mobile.

However, the brand recently showcased the Oppo new prototype mobile with under-display camera innovation. Momentarily, they exposed the Oppo another prototype of Oppo Waterfall screen mobile with Fullview Display 2.0.

Consequently, it seems to be the new Oppo Find X 2.0 mobile featured highlights with waterfall screen & under-display camera technology. Anyway, if this is the new Oppo Find X 2.0 mobile it could be launch in the next year of 2020. Since both the mobile showed by Oppo are currently in Prototype condition.

Oppo needs to develop this new innovation to new mobiles of Oppo Find X 2.0 or it may be Oppo Find Y series. Let will know in the coming days meanwhile, what you guys think about this Oppo Waterfall screen mobile let me know in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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