Phonepe recently updated the new feature called Phonepe Keyboard. It’s like a default keyboard using in smartphones for typing text. In addition, Phone Keyboard feature allows UPI transaction right from keyboard itself. Which gives seamless transaction experience.

Phonepe Keyboard payments

Phonepe keyboard allows the users to send, request money to any contacts right from application. Also, user can check bank account balance from keyboard itself. This will be user-friendly feature for users who made most transaction. Since user no need to open Phonepe application for each time to send, request money. Phonepe keyboard also, shows all linked bank accounts in keyboard itself on any application.

How typing works?

Apart from transaction, Phonepe keyboard has good features for typing as like normal keyboards. The keyboard has unique settings menu for typing as per user preference. The Phonepe keyboard has contain almost all typing features as like a dedicated keyboard. The keyboard settings are managed in Phonepe Keyboard menu from Phonepe application.

Phonepe Keyboard Features

  • Separate Number row on keyboard
  • Sound on key pressing.
  • Vibration on key press with vibration manual control.
  • Alphabet popup on key press.
  • Long press for symbol option.
  • Key long press delay timing control.
  • Next word suggestion.
  • Emoji suggestion based on related words.
  • Block offensive words.
  • Auto correction
  • Auto capitalization
  • Double space period option.
  • Dark mode & light mode feature on keyboard.

How to enable Phonepe Keyboard?

Phonepe keyboard can be enabled and set as your default keyboard by using following steps.

  • Firstly, Open Phonepe application
  • Click on profile picture, at top left corner.
  • Select the menu called Phonepe Keyboard.
  • Now, tap on Enable Phonepe Keyboard.
  • Allow & enable the Phonepe keyboard in your device settings.
  • Tap on Select Phonepe keyboard & change it as default.
  • Now, there is an option Keyboard setting where you can manage all above mentioned features.
  • Once enabled, there is an Phonepe icon in keyboard to made transactions.
  • That’s it.

The Phonepe keyboard is now activated. Here after this keyboard will be used in all application where typing needed. This recent feature from Phonepe application helps a lot for users who made transaction for most time. Also, using this keyboard user can experience hassle free instant transaction each time without opening Phonepe application. What you guys thought about this feature and is this help for you? Let me know in the comments below,

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